Knicks BJ Galen Bronson turns away from ‘extra pressure’ in New York


Galen Bronson doesn’t worry.

The Knicks’ big signing in the offseason was stealing Galen Bronson from the Dallas Mavericks.

It fills a void in the base that the team has spent years trying to fill, most recently with Kemba Walker last season. Walker quickly proved he wasn’t the answer, so the Knicks should hope Bronson will be as he signed on Four-year deal.

Playing in New York can be stressful for many players as there is more interest in you under the spotlight in Madison Square Garden. In Bronson’s case, he’s going from a supporting role in Dallas to being the leading man in New York, so there’s going to be more pressure there.

However, this is not exactly the case If you ask him.

Skeptics in Bronson’s Silence

Bronson doesn’t seem to be persuaded by the hype that New York is causing more pressure, but rather has mocked it.

“How do I feel about the extra stress,” he said, placing airy quotes around the phrase. “For example, it’s not really a pressure on me. I just go out and play basketball the way I’ve played for a long time. Second, I’ll be myself.”

It doesn’t look like he’s going to get much nervous when he plays in New York this season, but that could all change if the team gets off to a slow start.

New York brings a lot of extra pressure whether the players like to talk about it or not. Julius Rundle felt that way last season and even got in a bit with the fans. It’s all behind it now, but Knicks fans remember a lot.

There is a lot of excitement in the new season, and Bronson will be a big key to all of that.

Bronson can turn the tables

If Bronson is able to become a base anchor, it would be a huge upgrade over the previous years. Some guys talked about what it would be like to play alongside Bronson, including Randle.

“I think it would be easier for me,” Randall said. “When you have to create a lot with the ball in your hands, it can be difficult, because the defense is watching you at all times. For me, being able to get some things off the ball, whether that’s running on the ground, picking up and spinning, cutting, or rebounding Offensive, or things like that, I think it will make the game easier on myself and I will also be able to help my teammates more.”

Fans will be happy to see the ball in Randle’s hand less because he was such a big part of the attack that stalled last season. Having a playmaker at the base would be good for the team, and if Bronson is able to set the table for Randle and RJ Barrett, the team could have a lot of success.

That’s about how the offense is managed, and there’s still a chance we’ll see Randle bring the ball into the court often.


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