Lions vs Seahawks: Detroit’s other weapons must be reinforced


Calif Raymond runs the ball against Washington in 2022.

The Detroit Lions head into their week four battle against the infamous Seattle Seahawks, and their depth will be tested in a major way going forward.

This week, the Lions have a chance to shake off the frustration of their previous loss. The battle against Seattle provides them with a great opportunity to win against a team close to them in the standings.

So how will the lions achieve this win? What are the most important variables for the team? Here’s a look at some of the game’s hottest keys this week, as well as the prediction.

Can lions stop Gino Smith?

So far this season, the Lions have been hit or miss with opposing quarterbacks. In the first week, it was sculpted by Galen Hurts. The second week saw them go down to Carson Wentz. The third week was a mixed bag.

Detroit put pressure on Kirk Cousins, and made the quarterback play the winning late. Smith is another player who can hurt teams with running as well as passing, so it will be important for the Detroit minor to play better in coverage and even more important for the team to get some big sacks up front. Hopefully the Lions find a way to get some big plays on Smith to reduce his impact on the game.

What’s a kicking game like in Detroit?

Austin Seibert is known to have missed a pair of kicks in a Minnesota loss that could have won Detroit the game. Now he’s curvy, which could leave little-known Dominic Eberly as captain this week.

Regardless of who boots up, black needs a much better week of selector. The team can’t be a one-man when they go to the field goal team or the extra point team with a kicking player. This week, the Lions will need some powerful kicks from the injured Seibert or Eberle. For Eberle, the game is an opportunity to do something to make a statement in a very changing position in the roster.

Where do the big lions plays in the attack come from?

Minus Amon Ra St. Brown, Lions will miss a player who changes the entire appearance of the attack. When St. Brown stumbled, the team got into a shell and struggled to make big plays.

This week, whether it’s DJ Chark, TJ Hockenson, Kalif Raymond, or anyone else, the Lions will have to find a way to generate explosive plays. Saint Brown has been as big a cause as any for the team’s offensive outbursts thus far,

Will Detroit effectively run the ball?

Without D’Andre Swift, you would face the Lions in terms of running the ball. So far their game on the ground has been great to start the year, but this one is likely to run into some difficulties this week.

The Seattle defense has been pushed into the trenches a bit, so the Lions should theoretically be able to manage the ball well this week with Jamal Williams, Craig Reynolds and his buddies. But they will miss Swift’s great playability. It will be important for the team to remain effective.

How good would Detroit fare without Tracy Walker?

It’s a bad week for Detroit’s defense given the fact that it will be the first week without safety and veteran captain Tracy Walker. This is a huge loss for lions in many ways.

The team leadership took the biggest blow, as well as making play it safe. JuJu Hughes has a chance to step up and make a big statement about what will happen in the situation going forward. However, no one is Walker and it would have to be a good team effort for the Lions to manage without him.

prediction: Detroit 27, Seattle 20

The Lions have a chance to win a game that could dramatically change the course of their season. This is the kind of swing game that could go for the team, and with that in mind, it’s also an important week considering the injury. The Lions might have to steamroll to get the points, but they should have enough to beat a Seattle team that wasn’t as good as it once was. A narrow win for Detroit, but they find a way to cover the spread.

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