Raiders “blew it up” by not hiring Rich Bisexia, per analyst


Josh McDaniels with Las Vegas Riders owner Mark Davis.

Las Vegas Raiders owner Mark Davis had a tough decision at the end of last season. Interim coach Rich Bisachia led the team to an unprecedented playoff round, which was only the second time they had gone to the playoffs since 2002. Despite this, Davis decided to move on from the coach and hire former New England Patriots offensive coordinator Josh. McDaniels.

It was a defensible decision at the time. Although the Raiders made the playoffs, they had to do so by winning four games in a row by one point. Bisaccia is a respected special teams coach but these types of coaches don’t usually get head coaching jobs. Davis wanted to move on from the John Gruden era and had to move from Bisachia to make it happen.

However, the Raiders are 0-3 below McDaniels and things aren’t looking great. If the team continues to struggle, many will wonder if he is the right man to move forward. In fact, some already believe the team made a mistake. Veteran NFL analyst Ross Tucker wondered what the team would look like if Bisachia was a head coach right now.

“I think it’s fair to ask what their record is with Rich Bisachia as head coach,” Tucker said.Ross Tucker Podcast.“Remember the length of time they won all those close matches and made the playoffs? “

Then Tucker emphatically said Bisaccia would have been the better option and called up Davis.

“Mark Davis thought he was too good for Bisachia,” Tucker said. “That’s not a big talking point for Josh McDaniels. I just thought Bisaccia got a chance to continue coaching this football team. I feel like Mark Davis blew it up. In the small sample, I thought Bisaccia was very good.”

Should shifters hire Bisaccia?

Bisaccia may not have landed a head coaching job this off season but he is thriving as the new special coordinator for the Green Bay Packers. He helped turn one of the worst special teams units in the NFL into a very good unit. While he clearly knows how to coach special teams, it’s understandable why Davis was apprehensive about being given a full-time head coaching job.

Invaders caught lightning in the bottle last season. Their winning style was not sustainable. The team had a difference of -65 points, which was the tenth-worst in the league. Bisaccia deserves a lot of praise for what he has done and how he is able to lead a team. However, it is not a guarantee that the changers will be better with him as head coach at the moment.

Davis Will Be Patient With McDaniels: Report

Many are willing to declare McDaniels a failure and some fans have called for him to be fired. There’s no doubt that the Raiders are the most disappointing team in the NFL, but firing the head coach isn’t going to change the season now. Davis knows and will be patient as McDaniels and General Manager Dave Ziegler arrange the team, Aaron Wilson of the Pro Football Network.

“This team, if you look really closely, wasn’t set up properly for success,” a league source told Wilson. “It’s going to take time, patience and getting more players that Josh and Dave want before they can really compete. They’re in a department loaded with great players who have inherited mayhem. There are a lot of good reasons Mayock and Gruden aren’t around. This is a heavy lifting job for Josh and Dave. It’s Not a quick fix situation. The owner, Mark Davis, understands that and is fine with what they’re doing. It’s hard to watch now.”


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