She-Hulk Episode 7 Easter Eggs You Might Have Missed

Editor’s note: Below contains spoilers for She-Hulk Episode 7.She-Hulk: Attorney at Law Back this week! Episode 7, “The Retreat,” finds Jen Walters (Tatiana Maslany(Stranded in Emil Blonsky/Abomination’s)Tim Roth) Spiritual retreat after two residents with superhuman strength inadvertently crash her car. Jane’s frustration grows at the absence of her latest romance, Josh (Trevor Salter), who has yet to send her on several great dates together.

Among her many stresses, Jane manages to find some unexpected relief when she joins one of Blonsky’s unconventional group therapy sessions. The episode is filled with fun Easter eggs and the breaking of a large fourth wall leads to a somewhat predictable twist at the end.

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Hulk Smash!

In her office, Jane is glued to her phone even after Nikki (Ginger Gonzaga) explodes in excitement after discovering that Jane has been nominated for Lawyer of the Year. Unable to get her attention, Nikki asks if she’s browsing the Intelligencia that was introduced in last week’s episode. Jen insists it’s not, saying that she doesn’t care what losers say about her on the internet. She also adds that they wouldn’t say that to her face because they would have smashed the temple. This line might sound familiar because it’s a classic Hulk expression seen in all the comics and the MCU. While the Hulk’s gesture was fun, it’s also a sure sign that Jen is finally starting to embrace the Hulk’s mantle that she initially didn’t want to do anything with.


When she tells Nikki Jane about her nomination for Lawyer of the Year, she also asks if that means she’ll be attending a party. The said concert is one that has been seen in many Strong woman Trailers and TV footage, Jane appears in another one of Luke’s (Griffin MatthewsCustom-made dresses. As for what will happen at the event, not much is known, but chaos is a safe bet. Galas have somewhat become a Disney + feature of Marvel TV shows. The Hawk and the Winter SoldierAnd the hookAnd the Mrs. Marvell They all have scenes at parties or big events, and it’s a perfect place for their villains to make some trouble. Given that he hasn’t shown up yet, this is probably where Jane will meet Matt Murdock (Charlie Cox), fellow attorney.

Text guide

At the beginning of the episode, Jane is seen texting back and forth with Josh, the bridesmaid she met at Lulu’s wedding. Their past texts are shown on Jen’s phone for a brief moment, revealing that Josh may have known where Jen lived before she provided an address. Admittedly, it’s a bit exaggerated, but writers Strong woman She proved to be quite cunning, so no stone should be left unturned. Given that Josh’s intentions aren’t as pure as Jane thinks, it sure seems like an omen.

discover dolls

A continuation of countless popular culture references, this episode features the Muppets – at least one of them. Still waiting for that fateful text from Josh, Jane tries to distract her. And what better way to disconnect from reality than with some funny antics? Specifically, Jin is watching big doll grow up While imprisoned Miss Peggy dismantles cell bars in cartoonish form. something mortal The list of pop culture references continues to grow with the joining of The Muppets Inside Out, Partner, And the twilight In a beautiful collection of famous films.

Supervillain Support Group

Upon reaching Blonsky’s retreat and verifying that everything about his blocker is up, the parole officer leaves Blonsky. After a brief chat with Blonsky, Jen was also on her way out before a giant figure crashed into the hood of her car. Jane is immediately on defense, heading to stop the threat, but this is not necessary. The figure turns out to be a former villain named Man Paul (Nathan HeardHe was in the midst of a healthy battle with his evil colleague Aqila.Joseph Castillo Medit).

Man Ball, a supervillain recovering in Strong womanoriginally created in 1971, by Jerry Conway And the Jane Kulan. Born William Torrens, who was transformed by a serum into a half-man looming, half-bull creature, he spent his first appearance facing Man-Ball vs Daredevil. Man-Bull’s sparring partner and auto wrecker’s partner, El Aguila is more of a misunderstood guard than a villain. The Aguila from Strong woman He doesn’t seem to have a bad bone in his body because he frequently repeats that he’s not a bullfighter (but he did take two matador classes in college). Created by warm atmosphereAnd the Trevor von EdenAnd the Dave CockrumEl Aguila made his debut in 1979 in Power Man and Iron Fist #58. Alejandro Montoya, alias for El Aguila, is a mutator who sometimes finds himself on the wrong side of Heroes for Hire, even if his intentions are good.

In addition to Man-Bull and El Aguila, Strong woman He introduces us to more D-list characters looking for a makeover in Blonsky’s retreat. Among them is Porcupine (created by Stan LeeAnd the Ernest HartAnd the without heck In 1963, Tales for Astonish No. 48), Sarasin (created by Bart Sears 1998, Blade Vampire Hunter #1, The Wrecker (created by Stan Lee And the Jack Kirby in 1967, Bull #148). Despite the inclusion of some quite mysterious villains, Wrecker is perhaps the most unexpected (Nick Gomez), as Jane points out, we’ve seen before.

Previously on…

When Wrecker gets out of the yurt, Jen is shocked to see him. She looks to the audience, addressing us in perhaps the fourth largest wall-breaking to date where she asks if”that they Previously”-“they” are the writers and creators of the show. Of course, by “Prev” Jen refers to the activation at the beginning of each spin-off to remind the viewer of the most important moments of the past week. Jen then decides to take the matter into her own hands to make her point, describing Her words are “prev” where the words and sting appear when mentioned. In the unusual mid-episode update, we are introduced again to the Wrecking Crew, specifically Wrecker, from Episode 3. If you remember, She-Hulk jumped with the intention of stealing her blood but failed miserably.

This explains why Jane is pissed off at Wrecker’s sudden appearance, but the former lover of Wrecking Crew makes it clear that he just wants to solve their problems. Wrecker then proceeds to explain how he worked on self-improvement and broke his dependence on the magic crowbar, realizing that it gives him a “false sense of power”. Wrecker has made significant progress as he apologizes to Jen and takes “radical accountability” for his actions.


We discussed the Blonsky Retreat and its residents, but I danced around the name of the place. Although this is never mentioned in the episode, a banner behind Blonsky reveals the name of the retreat to be Abomaste. We have determined how much I appreciate the good pun and Strong woman Full of them, but that’s definitely a highlight.

Playing with Namaste, Blonsky’s choice to name his withdrawal Abomaste is a stroke of genius. Creating an image of his alter ego, abomination, and his current pursuits, Blonsky merges his dark past and his peaceful present into one intelligent harmony. Perhaps abomination really was a thing of the past and Blonsky has really changed for the better.

Vampire Perspective

During a group session, Jen navigates a group of reformed villains over her conflict between the public’s perception of her as a She-Hulk versus their perception of her as only Jen as well as her awkward situation with Josh. While the group confronts her with the possibility of being a ghost, Saracen, (Terence Chloe) is a vampire, indicating that he probably only wanted her blood. It’s clearly a vampire-related joke to us and perhaps a prior trauma to Saracen, but it’s also some major foreshadowing.

Once again, these writers know what they’re doing. I wouldn’t be surprised if they chose Saracen as part of a superillain support group specifically so they could make this tongue-in-cheek joke. For context, as revealed at the end of the episode, Josh is literally only after Jane’s blood. Not quite in the way, Saracen was imagining but the irony works great regardless. Now, why exactly was Josh after Jane’s blood?

Josh’s evil motives

Josh was not trusted. It’s sad to think that the only guy who was only interested in Jen was playing her the whole time. As it turns out Josh was only seeing Jane getting close enough to extract a blood sample, hence the shadows. Although his role is still unknown, we do know that Josh is somehow connected to the HulkKing, and thus Intelligencia is who he connects with. Having fallen asleep after calling Josh for the night, he’s able to extract the sample and copy Jen’s phone to his, take a picture of her sleeping and send it to HulkKing (that’s a bit excessive, creepy) for confirmation – or bragging? That seems to be the sickening kind of thing an intelligence man could do.

As we enter the final two episodes, it feels as if we have finally reached the end of the game. HulkKing, whoever (the leader?) is, now has access to She-Hulk’s blood and will surely lead to some conflict for Jen, who is already hurting more than enough. While it’s hard to predict what’s going to happen next, we do know that a major event (remember bad guys love to strike here) and Daredevil are both in the Strong womanFuture – So get ready for two exciting weeks! Strong woman New episodes every Thursday on Disney+.

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