Six people try out a new role for the fan-favorite big man


Paul Reed No. 44 of the Philadelphia 76ers dunks the ball past Max Strauss No. 31 of the Miami Heat.

Few Philadelphia 76ers have grown into fan favorites as quickly as Paul Reed. The previous 58 overall pick will come from a season that gave the team the best backup position minutes the Sixers had seen during the Joel Embiid era. cane modifiedD. 3.7 points, 3.8 rebounds, 0.8 steals, and 0.5 blocks in 11.7 minutes for every game he played in the postseason. His impact far exceeded numbers as Red’s energy and defensive influence were his biggest assets.

There were high hopes that DePaul’s product development would continue as this season approached. However, the addition of Montrezl Harrell has lowered expectations for the opportunity he is expected to get. Doc Rivers Reed has given a new sign of hope by hinting that his role will be shifted to a new position rather than simply supporting Embiid, which could lead to more playing in the field for him.

Reid’s potential new role

Rivers talked about how the team’s new additions give the team a chance to be more flexible in the field formations this season. Reed is expected to be a factor in this and possibly get some time on the court alongside Embiid. As Rivers put it in Austin Creel of Lines Drawn:

Red’s ability to protect the ocean is one of the most powerful abilities in his game. His effectiveness in switching and defending younger players is unique to a player of his size. While nearly all minutes of the field were played at the center position, he spent only 19.7% of his possessions on the field guarding the opposing positions. The 23-year-old spent 56.7% of his time guarding attackers and 23.6% of his time guarding each

What does this mean for the pesticide?

The Sixers have preached the importance of defense this season and set a goal of becoming the best defensive team in the NBA. Pairing Reed with Embiid can be a key asset in achieving this goal.

While the sample size is small, Reed played only 304 minutes of the regular season last year, the Sixers saw their steal percentage 2.5% increase and a 3.3% mass percentage while Reed was on the field. The team’s bounce rate also increased by 3.4%. In the postseason, the rate of Sixers’ theft by 3.1% and retracement by 4.3%. The mass ratio decreased 0.1% in the postseason.

There was also a huge difference in the Sixers’ offensive rebounding when Reed was on the field. As a team, the Sixers ranked 30 in the NBA In the offensive rebounds and only got 8.4 attacking plates per match. However, its offensive rebound ratio by 15.0% in the regular season and 11.8% in the postseason when Reed was on the field.

While there will certainly be no-nonsense matches between the two big guys, letting Reed do the dirty work could be very beneficial for the Sixers star. There is already a great deal on the Embiid board on both sides of the field, and handing some defensive responsibility to Reid could free up the star to do more of what he does best.

Entering his third season in the NBA, Reed also deserves a lot of credit for not letting him down. The Sixers went through an assortment of seasoned big guys who jumped out in front of him on the depth chart, but Reed kept his head up and kept going. The fan favorite did his best with the opportunities presented to him and would be sure to do the same going forward.


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