Sixers star Joel Embiid showers Matisse Thiebolle with praise


Matisse Thieball No. 22 of the Philadelphia 76ers passes the ball over Stephen Adams No. 4 of the Memphis Grizzlies at Wells Fargo Center.

The future between Matisse Thybulle and the Philadelphia 76ers was the most uncertain of all. The former first-round pick survived a sabbatical filled with commercial rumors and entered the season on the final season of his contract. Sixers’ chief of basketball operations declined to comment on the state of negotiations during Sixers Media Day and Thybulle enters the season with much to prove. While it is still very early days, indications have been very positive about his progress.

Joel Embiid was the last member of The Sixers to be praised twice Every second-team defender in the NBA Effect. After the third day of bootcamp, Embiid was asked about Thibault and his situation:

“I’m so proud of him. So far, you can tell he’s been in the business all summer. He’s been amazing. He obviously needs to keep going when it matters, but he’s made a lot of improvements and that’s what we want. That’s what we want from everyone on this team.” And he was doing a great job.” K. Carlin from SixersWire.

Archery Struggles in Thybulle

Thybulle is an exciting defensive talent, but his lack of offensive ability limits how well he can be on the field. to provide Proper spacing around Embiid It was a priority for the Sixers and Thybulle that his lack of shooting ability made it difficult to pair up with the star of the team.

As a beginner, Washington product has been delivered 35.7% of his three throws While trying 2.4 per game. However, its long-range production fell to only 30.1% the following year. Last season, he called an average of 31.3%. While this shot ratio still needs to be improved, it is the lack of confidence in the shot that is particularly concerning. Although he played 5.7 more minutes per game than he did as a rookie, Thybulle saw his three-point attempts drop to 2.2 Long-range attempts for each game.

Work off season pay?

One of the Sixers’ media day themes was how much work Thybulle has put into this unofficial season. Along with Therese Maxi and Paul Reed, the defensive stop is mentioned as being in the gym the most.

Thybulle noted that this was his first off-season since coming to the NBA where he had the opportunity to take a step back and have a full season to make improvements to his game. He has spent time with the Australian national team competing in the Olympics after his rookie year and the Covid-19 pandemic interrupted his plans last year. Thybulle appears to have taken advantage of the opportunity, with a full hiatus and a blank canvas to work with. He even spent some time training with DeMar DeRozan and Dame Lillard.

While the early signs of training camp are promising, there is a lot at stake for Thybulle this season. He is in the final year of his rookie contract and will be a free agent off-season. The Sixers have also made some notable additions to their roster that make the Minutes more competitive than ever. The addition of PJ Tucker will likely push Thybulle out of the starting lineup, and the bench spin is deeper as well. Expect all eyes to be on him as the season begins and Thybulle to bring his off-season work to full screen.


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