Steelers opinion of Heinz Ward on Pittsburgh attack


Hines Ward, a Steelers receiver, runs across the field during a game.

Hines Ward knows a thing or two about work infractions and infractions in Pittsburgh. for 14 seasonsWard summarized what it was like to play for the Pittsburgh Steelers. Heart, passion, grit, intelligence, ferocity, and a work ethic are all characteristics of Ward’s presentation that are synonymous with proudly representing historical excellence.

We see him in spades with current attacking stars like Nagy Harris, Deontay Johnson and Pat Freymouth. It’s all there. But it is not yet formed to bring the production that they seek.

The Steelers have new quarterbacks and more new receivers than returning. The offense will exit the gate to light up the scoreboard or fixed lines. But this is not an excuse to commit a crime of 29th and 25th rank Third degree conversion Percentage (33.3). The Steelers were particularly poor in their September 22 loss to the Cleveland Browns after just turning One of the nine third landings.

Pittsburgh last died in possession time, a key win/loss number, at 24:15. For comparison, the average team Possession time In 2021 it was 29:20 – five minutes more than this season.

Under no circumstances should the Steelers coach Mike Tomlin is “encouraged” what he sees.

While many have blamed coordinator Matt Canada and the streak for the Steelers’ offensive problems, Ward is pointing his finger in a surprising direction: the players.

Heinz Ward’s attack on the Steelers’ attack

Heinz-Ward says players, not just coaches, need to hold themselves more accountable to offense-related issues.

“I was never a component of the scheme,” said Heinz Ward. North Shore Drive Podcast. “I always think players win games. I look at her, and before I start attacking her scheme, I look at myself in the mirror and say, ‘Have I done everything possible what I should have done’ before I start criticizing someone else. And if I can’t answer my Well that question, if I wasn’t there catching balls, every ball thrown towards me and I had some drops, you’re just part of the situation too.”

“When you hear things and say ‘OK, it’s a hard crime,’ it’s still a death sentence,” Ward said. “It’s cooperation from everyone. It’s not just a crime or scheme by Matt Canada.”

History of Heinz Ward Steelers

Although Hines Ward has been on some of the most memorable Pittsburgh Steelers teams, his history in the Black and Gold hasn’t always been sunny and lollipops, playoffs and the Super Bowls.

Since he was drafted by the Steelers in the third round of the 1998 NFL Draft, he has received three selections for Most Valuable Player (MVP). He was also a four-time pick in the NFL Pro Bowl (2001-2004). Ward also had a 4-season streak at 1,000 yards. The streak was broken in the 2005 NFL season during which he missed a game due to injury. In 2002, he set the Steelers franchise record for receptions (112) and touchdowns (12) (both since broken by Antonio Brown) and was named to the first two consecutive NFL teams.

Ward was voted Player of the Year in Super Bowl XL and upon retirement was one of eleven NFL players to have had at least 1,000 career receptions.


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