Top 10 Mysterious Spells in Pathfinder 2E

So magic waves are calling you? Perhaps more than others. Whether it’s an ancient volume or a long-hidden lore, magic spells have caught your eye. The list of hidden spells has a lot to choose from, and some of the spells on this list are pretty brutal.

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Whether you are able to speak any language fluently in an instant or turn your opponent into mouse size, there is something in this list of spells that will perfectly suit your needs. But what spells should you be sure to add whenever you get the chance?

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10/10 clown curse

Flesh wounds may be healed, but why not hurt your enemies in an even worse place: their pride.

The clown’s curse is a strange spell, like many of the spells in the mysterious spell list. Choosing this makes any enemy look like an ordinary court clown. For the rest of the spell, they have to suffer from making annoying clown sounds during any movement they make. It also becomes severely uncoordinated. As if they were wearing clown shoes and gloves. Some fates are worse than death.

9/10 stinging words
The character of Pathfinder Mehreh was standing on a normal back

Words hurt. When you are a poet or similar broadcaster, this is more true than ever. By using this spell, you are giving your words physical harm to whomever you target.

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Although it doesn’t deal a full range of damage, it’s a reasonable amount and can be a great low-level option when you need to get a long-range spell attack to do some damage. In addition, it is very interesting to mock an opponent to death.

8/10 ParanoiaA spell casting a Pathfinder that makes Bogard run away

Twisting the enemy’s mind against them is a big deal in the list of mysterious spells, and few other spells do that in addition to Paranoia. This spell is great for wreaking havoc on the battlefield, and this makes whoever fails to rescue the will immediately become fearful and distrustful of any nearby creature, whether ex-friend or not. Targeting the heavy hitter among your enemies and watching them attack randomly after they fail to save them is all kinds of fun, and really up the odds.

7/10 GlossCool Pathfinder With Musical Instrument

Casting spells isn’t all that turns people inside out and sends them into the dimensions of eternal pain. Sometimes you need a little extra help getting through those tough social situations, and that’s where Glibness comes in – adding a whopping plus four to any cheat check you do for ten minutes after you cast it. It can be great when avoiding a fight or trying to lie your way through to get an opponent.

6/10 dream possibilityPathfinder Graveknight cast magic in Throneroom

Not every adventurer has the time for a long training montage. Fortunately, there is a Dreaming Potential spell for everyone else, which allows the sleeper to focus on retraining completely while unconscious.

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In addition, due to the breadth of time and intensity of the dream, every 8 hours under this spell counts as a training day. This can be a great way to qualify before a tough fight or change your fighting experience or tools.

5/10 Memory adjustmentPathfinder Hwan character with a bloody sigil on her forehead

Not many spells have as many possibilities, both terrifying and subtle, as “memory mod”. Be it Erase, Change, Erase or any combination of that, you can do it using the Target Memories. At the normal level, this spell changes their mind for five minutes, but when the spell’s effect is increased it is permanent.

4/10 amazingPathfinder characters fighting a horde of spiders

Stranger is one of those spells that really shows you how powerful your character is. She is not only a heavy hitter, but also has the ability to intimidate any enemies she strikes.

Showing your opponent’s worst fears and doing them damage while spinning around is an impressive feat. A stranger not to be overlooked in spells with bold names.

3/10 cage strengthPathfinder adventures party fight in throne room

Force Cage is a great choice whether it’s trapping a creature or protecting you from something. You can do many wonderful things with an invisible cage of absolute, immovable energy.

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In combat, this can be a great option to remove a person from the fight for a moment while you focus on other enemies. Outside of combat, it can be useful for traversing through the most deadly environments or for catching pesky thieves trying to escape with your hard-earned gold.

2/10 TonguesPathfinder Cyclops pour spell simple background

A language barrier can be an unplanned speed bump in an adventurer’s life. Instead of taking the time to find someone who knows the language or learn it on your own, you can always throw in tongues.

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Being able to speak and understand whatever language is spoken around you is of great value. Getting out of difficult situations is much easier when you can effectively communicate with someone who would otherwise want to fire you. It has to be regardless of level.

1/10 Uncontrollable dancePathfinder character standing while reading the incantation book

Getting a bad guy out of the fight for a moment is great for getting a quick breather or mitigating the damage your party does. There are many ways to do this, but why not do it in a way that gives a bit of comedic value as well? Uncontrollable dance. When keeping the will fails, the target must use all of its actions to dance.

They can no longer use any interactions either, and all movement is halved for the duration. In addition, it is very interesting to throw this at a particularly gruesome boss or opponent and describe to you how they are forced to give the best interpretation of disco on the battlefield.

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