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So it rarely does something that breaks all the traditional methods of video games like Trombone Champ. It’s the perfect rhythm game – it doesn’t punish players for missing notes or adding notes. Instead, it celebrates and encourages players to add their own elements to their music.

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We all know that some music, even music from world-famous composers, can use a little something extra to bring out their full potential. What better way to spice up these boring old songs than with the bangin’ trombone right smack dab in the middle? Trombone Champ was brave enough to risk it all to update these classics with their very own trombone, and these are the best Trombone Champ has to offer.

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10/10 SkaBIRD – Holly Wow

Grab your boxers, suspenders, and fedora, it’s time for a trombone-filled ska show. This original song was likely pulled from Skahalla’s hallowed halls, where only the rudest, slaps kids ever go. It’s everything a ska show should be, messy, ubiquitous and full of trombone.

Now raise those knees, bend those elbows, and get into the hole. The in-game description for SkaBIRD asks players if they are happy now that everyone online has wanted a ska song, and the simple answer is yes.

9/10 Eine Kleine Nachtmuzik (Trap Mix) – Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart

Finally, a trombone-based trap mix by Eine Kleine Nachtmuzik by Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart. For years, decades, no, generations, people have yelled at each other for that musical mastery, and finally, at Trombone Champ, we have it.

One of Mozart’s most prolific works, this song is originally from the second act of his opera, Don Giovanni, about a man who had no inhibitions. And now, it’s been improved upon by someone with a trombone and steel lungs.

8/10 Old Lang Sen – Robert Burns

Scottish poet and poet Robert Burns wrote the lyrics for this song which is traditionally played on New Year’s Eve, although it may be played at the conclusion of an event or to signify a change in a person’s life. This famous song has become a way to greet the new year, signifying the remembrance of good old times and friendships that have come and gone.

Related Topics: Stop What You’re Doing And Start Trombone Champ Right NowAnd what better way to remember the good times than with a trombone exploding in the background? This coming New Year’s Eve, when the ball drops and the countdown begins, keeps the memories of Trombone Champ fresh.

7/10 William Tell Introduction – Gioacchino Rossini

Look, we all know how hard it is to perfect perfection. But the trombone version of William Tell Overture is great.

We’re not here to tell Gioachino Rossini how he should have composed it, we’ll leave that up to the champ of the trombone, but no other horse-related music will benefit as much as being played entirely on the trombone.

6/10 Hey Canada – Alexa Lavalle

Canada’s national anthem, O Canada, has never been more beautifully and dramatically portrayed than a trombone as a primary instrument.

While O Canada wasn’t officially adopted as a Canadian national anthem until 1980, it took the community another 42 years to bring it to the peak of the Trombone Champ.

5/10 Dance of the Sugar Plum Fairy – Pyotr Ilyich Tchaikovsky

As part of the ballet The Nutcracker, Dance of the Sugar Plum Fairy is known worldwide for its playful nature and for capturing the Christmas spirit in song.

It is known to have been featured in the Nintendo Entertainment System version of Tetris. Little did Tchaikovsky know that dancing could be improved by tossing in a trombone or two. He may also change the title to Dance of the Trombone Fairy after hearing this version of the song.

4/10 Also Sprach Zarathustra – Richard Strauss

This tonal poem by Richard Strauss has appeared in many notable media outlets, perhaps no more so in 2001: Stanley Kubrick’s Space Flight.

The iconic opening hype, titled “Sunrise” in the composer’s notes, holds an appeal on the public psyche when used to emphasize the importance of something. All of that is lost once the first trombone adorns the game.

3/10 The Blue Danube – Johann Strauss II

One of the most famous waltzes by Johann Strauss II, The Blue Danube Walts by Johann Strauss II is a love poem for the Danube, a river that stretches across ten countries in Europe. She is so popular that she even found herself featured on the popular Netflix show Squid Game.

Related: Best Rhythm Games for BeginnersIn the show, it was used to lift the spirits of the contestants, and back to the song’s initial intent to give the Austrian people something to feel happy after their defeat at the hands of Prussia in the Seven Weeks War and the resulting economic downturn. Little did Strauss II know that his waltz would feature in the world’s greatest trombone-based rhythm game.

2/10 Take me to the ball game – Norworth and Von Telzer

While Take Me out to the Ball Game may be the unofficial song of American baseball, the visual trombone interpretation of Trombone Champ will be the official version in our hearts.

Imagine going to a baseball game, it’s the seventh inning, and out on the hill the champs for the trombone themselves are blasting a cacophony of toes and litter to drive the crowd into a frenzy. The best game the world has ever seen thanks to the improved trombone.

1/10 Beethoven’s Fifth Symphony – Ludwig van Beethoven

If Beethoven was still alive, more than 200 years after Symphony no. 5 books, he was crying tears of joy knowing that his most famous song had finally been put into a video game. Every other translation of Beethoven’s V was a joke. Music has reached its peak, Mount Everest peak of music, and musicians around the world should weep on hypnotic fingers from every trombone player’s attempt at this classic. Truly, you are the titular hero while blowing up Beethoven’s masterpiece.

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