UFC news: Daniel Cormier warns fighter not to get back into the fight


Daniel Cormier

Former UFC Second Division Champion Daniel Cormier doesn’t want to see his friend, Luke Rockhold, back in action.

Rockhold announced his retirement within the Octagon after going to war with Paulo Costa for three rounds at UFC 278 on August 20. Although the former UFC and Strikeforce middleweight champions lost by unanimous decision, Rockhold impressed the crowd with his resilience, something that was questioned before him. I climbed onto the cloth.

Prior to the Costa fight, Rockhold had lost three of his last four matches, all by knockout. Well, Rockhold took all the powerful shots given by “Borrachinha” and handed them over himself as well. The fight ended with Rockhold on Costa’s head rubbing his bloodied face on the Brazilian, producing a viral moment that cemented Rockhold’s salvation.

Less than two months after telling the world he was staying away from the sport, Rockhold, 37, revealed to Presentation Radio He’s considering the idea of ​​a comeback, especially if Alex Pereira removes Israel Adesanya at UFC 281 in November.

“If I ever feel inspired, if someone inspires me to go back to it… you never know,” said Rockhold. (h/t bloody elbow). “[Maybe] This is the Brazilian man who won the title. Alex Pereira.

“I mean, there’s a lot of opportunity. I’m not looking to get out of shape in any way, shape, or form. I still really enjoy the training side. I just don’t want to do the part that really hurts. I’m going to do some boxing, but like, get in on the Complete MMA sparring and everything starts to fall apart when you fight the bad guys. I’ll just work on getting better.”

‘Luke, don’t come back’ Cormier tells Rockhold.

So, recently Youtube video On “DC’s,” Cormier gave his opinion on Rockhold’s comments. In short, he does not want his long-time colleague of the American Kickboxing Academy to return to the fight. Instead, he’d like to see Rockhold compete with high-profile Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu.

“Luke, don’t count,” Cormier said (h/r Fighting MMA). “It’s only been a few weeks and it’s been absolutely perfect. It couldn’t be better. Because Luke Rockhold was the guy who wasn’t likable, but in this performance, he won the crowd’s praise. Not only did the crowd praise him, but he earned the praise of his opponent in the competition. Paulo Costa came Come back a week later and tell me how special the appraiser’s engagement with Luke was.

“Luke, don’t come back. It’s okay. Go do jiu-jitsu if you want to. Go to ADCC.”

Cormier explained the difficulties of retiring from mixed martial arts

Cormier is a man who knows what it is like to hang gloves on forever. Because of that, he sympathizes with what Rockhold might be going through in connection with leaving a sport to which he has dedicated years of his life.

“The truth is this,” Cormier said. “Part of the thing about retirement is that you miss the rush of being in front of all these people and that manifests itself when you are on your own. When he is alone with his dogs and those thoughts start to creep in, ‘I can still do it.’ Especially on those days when you feel good, you You forget how bad you feel there. You have to fight the urge. We all got it.

“No man. We can’t. I can’t. Luke can probably spend some time away, but I’d advise him to get away. Don’t come back, especially not now. We’re still kind of riding the wave of what was in Utah.”


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