What happens to the Pre-Moor Power after the Firix Incident in Andor?

Editor’s Note: The following contains spoilers for Episodes 1-4 of Andor.star Wars Not necessarily a dystopian story, but the events of the original trilogy explore what it means to live under a fascist dictatorship that is unwavering in its brutality. We’ll see what life looks like in the age of the Galactic Empire AndorAnd how the rebel alliance begins to gather to defend freedom. what makes Andor Unique in the modern era star Wars The canon is that it is not connected to the Skywalker Saga, the Force, or the Jedi Order. It explores the lives of helpless, hungry, and desperate ordinary civilians.

Andor explores how (Diego LunaThe journey begins on the planet Ferrix. The planet of the Trade Sector is located in the isolated region of the galaxy, a far cry from the political decisions that are made about Coruscant. Ferrix and other planets within the same system are under the control of Preox-Morlana, a Morlana One control group of companies. Preox-Morlana leveraged its relationship with the Empire to continue mining operations with the bureaucrats profiting.

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While the Empire is content to put these seemingly less important regimes under the control of another governing body, it is not about to let the crisis go unpunished. After Cassian and Luton Rael (Stellan Skarsgard(Creating an uprising that killed several pre-Moore officers, Cyril Karen)Kyle Soller) and the other leaders of the Preox-Morlana are invited to a meeting with the Imperial Security Bureau of Lieutenant Plevin (Ben Bailey Smith). Blevin announces a change in strength that effectively removes Preox-Morlana from any benefits it may have.

The role of Preox-Morlana at Ferrix

Preox-Morlana is a corporate authority somewhat similar to the Trade Federation and other Seperartist groups in the era of Clone Wars. Characterized by its greed, Preox-Morlana mines for precious resources in the galactic trade sector. The central hub of Morlana One includes an urban sector where orders are given to security officers. Hein head (Robert Vancitart) is negligent in his duties; He refuses to investigate the deaths of the two Pre-Moore officers who were murdered by Cassian at the entertainment district.

While Hyne fears the investigation will lead to evidence that Pre-Mor officers have been frequenting brothels, Karn refuses to let the case go. When Hyne is summoned to meet with his imperial superiors, Karn goes behind his back to organize a search for Cassian. He leads a security team to Ferix to capture Cassian. However, Cassian and Rael deceive him and run away. The fiery explosion inspires the residents of the Ferrix to show their defiance to both the Preox-Morlana and the Empire.

The Imperial Security Bureau quickly noticed this; Major Partagas (Anton Lesser) and his council are discussing any potential threats that have emerged. They act quickly to reprimand Preox-Morlana for their failed efforts. Pleven tells Karn, Hyne, and Sergeant Linus Mosk (Alex Ferns) that the Empire would control the Morlana system. No independence was ended by Preox-Morlana.

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The Imperial Response After Karn’s Mistakes

The officers involved in the accident are punished for their hasty scheme. Pleven dresses Karen, Heine, and Musk with disdain; Of all the corporate disasters he’s overseen, he says, this is by far the most embarrassing. Karen is stripped of his titles, and sent home to weep for his mother, Idi (Catherine Hunter). Pleven harshly notes that at least he will not be replaced, since his position no longer exists.

Mosk and Hyne are sent to a transfer center and reprimanded. Although Hyne claims he was not directly involved in the effort on Ferrix, Blevin says he is fully responsible for letting his followers work behind his back. Pleven’s actions caused a rift in the ISB’s internal politics. Lieutenant Deidra Miro (Dennis Goff) feels that she should control the territory, and that the search for Cassian should be her prerogative. Miro reports to Partagas that an NS-9 Starpath unit was stolen from Steergard Naaval Yard, but Blevin rejects her plan.

The rise of the central power of the empire

This change in strength may affect only one system, but it shows how the Empire demoralized resistance efforts across the galaxy. The Empire knows that if there is any hope that people will cling to it, they can inspire them to take action. Not only must the rebels be punished, but the very idea of ​​rebellion must be eliminated. Cassian refers to the Empire’s plan at Mimban, where different rebel factions were left to fight among themselves. This demoralizes Cassian, and makes him skeptical about joining any formal alliance.

This is also a sign of the centralization of power in the empire. in Star Wars: Episode IV – A New HopeGrand Move Tarkin (Peter Cushing) announces the dissolution of the Imperial Senate and that the rulers of the regions now have direct control of their lands. The galactic body politic is confined to the Moffs within Emperor Palpatine (Ian McDermid) the inner circle. Any remnants of the government that existed during the era of the Galactic Republic have been wiped out.

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