Where to find all the workbench tools in the first part of us

What better way to fend off clicks in The Last Of Us than with a spanner?

The tools in The Last of Us Part 1 Providing you with equipment that allows you to enhance your weapons through useful upgrades. These tools are usually stored in toolboxes and can enhance the depth of the Jewel that deals damage when he fights bulges, vertebrae, and bandits.

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there Five red toolboxes in five different locations The Last of Us (TLUS) Part 1 Remake. Many of these toolboxes can be hard to find, and to help you out, here are easy navigation tips where you can find all the tools in the game.

Bill will take you and Eli to the basement of the church after meeting him in Pittsburgh. Keep going inside until you You reach where there is a long table in the middle of the basement. Now, turn left and walk into an open area opposite the table. You will see a file Red toolbox on the left on a three-tiered end table.

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After the Hunters ambush in Pittsburgh, you’ll help Ellie lift a metal door into a garage. Get into the garage and turn a sharp left. The toolbox is located on a table near the entrance.

The second toolbox is in the early stage of the Pittsburgh class, so it’s best to pay attention.

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After Ellie starts the generator in the sewer, you, Henry, Sam, and Ellie will enter the sewer tunnel. Keep walking with the pack until you can see the door on the left. Enter the room to which it leads, You will see White striped folding chair, next to the red toolbox.

After reaching the university’s science building through the window, you will come to a corridor. Take your left and go straight down the corridor until you reach you Locating room 205 (lecture hall). The toolbox is located on a table to the left immediately after the entrance to the room.

If you haven’t done so yet, there is also a training guide in this room. It’s on a table with a black lid, across from where you found the toolbox.

When you enter Bus Depot, you will see a file abandoned tank. Turn left onto the tank track. You and Ellie will see some abandoned white tents forward and walk towards them. In particular, head to the large tent on the left side of the road marked “FEDRA.” The The toolbox is on a table to the right, near the entrance to the Creed.

When you have these tools, you can use them to install weapon upgrades on workbenches. If you miss a chance to get any of the five toolkits, you can reload the save which takes you back to the class it’s in.

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