Who are the Chandrilans in Andorra?

Editor’s Note: The following contains spoilers for Episodes 1-4 of Andor.While the first three episodes of Disney + were Andor focus directly on (Diego LunaThis week’s trip gave the audience some context on what’s going on in the rest of the galaxy. In “Aldhani” we catch up on the political state of the universe in the galactic capital on Coruscant. Whereas Coruscant once stood as a symbol of freedom, opportunity and the command of the Jedi, it is now where the Imperial Security Bureau decides how to determine its role over the rest of the galaxy.

Although we don’t see the Imperial Senate itself in “Aldhani,” there are some brief scenes including fan-favorite character Mon Mothma (Genevieve O’Reilly). Muthma first appeared as the leader of the Rebel Alliance in Star Wars: Episode VI – Return of the Jedi. O’Reilly has been chosen as a younger version of the character in Star Wars: Episode III – Revenge of the SithBut her scenes were omitted from the final film. However, she came back to film mothma in both Star Wars Rebels And the Rogue One: A Star Wars Story.

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Muthma has yet to publicly support the Rebel Alliance, which puts her in a difficult position. She is still the Senator for Planet Chandrila in the Imperial Senate, and any public protest on her part can inadvertently affect the people she represents. Although Chandrila only gets a brief mention in AndorIt has a more important role in star Wars Expanded universe.

What is Chandrilla?

Chandrila was one of the core realms of the Galactic Republic, a quiet section of the galaxy near the central axis of Coruscant. Chandrila was among the founding planets of the Galactic Republic in antiquity. Similar to Alderaan, Chandrilans are distinguished by their peaceful nature and generous spirit. However, the planet was also wealthy, politically active, and highly educated, which gave them a pretentious reputation.

Moon Muthma became one of the youngest serving senators when she was elected to serve her people around the same time. Star Wars: Episode One – The Phantom Menace. Muthma rarely visits her home world during the Clone Wars, as she took an active role in the Senate resisting militarization efforts. in Star Wars: Clone WarsMuthma supports herself with Padme Amidala of Nabu (Catherine Taber) and Alderaan Bail Organa (Phil Lamar) to offer a peaceful solution to the war.

in clone wars Episode “Heroes on Both Sides”, Muthma leads her people to offer an olive branch of peace to the separatist Senate. Chandrilans recognize that while CIS’ core leadership consists of planned corporations, there are many people who have valid criticisms of the Galactic Republic. Unfortunately, the peace treaty was interrupted before it began when (General Grievous)Matthew Wood) organizes a terrorist attack on Coruscant.

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What happens to Chandrilans?

The Chandrilans’ resentment of the direction of the Republic became more evident during the final days of the Clone Wars. In cut scenes Revenge of the SithMuthma and Organa (Jimmy Smits(Padme Approach)Natalie Portman) about joining the loyalists’ committee. This group consists of Chandrila, Alderaan, and other planets that feel that Counsel Palpatine (Ian McDermidUse war to stay in power. This group is clearly unsuccessful, as Palpatine crowns himself Emperor and forms the Galactic Empire. However, loyal committee members became the founders of the Rebel Alliance.

Chandrila is in a difficult situation in the imperial era. Although there are many anti-fascists on the planet, their proximity to Coruscant puts them at risk. see this fear in Andor When Mothma has to meet Luthen Rael (Stellan Skarsgard) to covertly discuss insurgent operations. Andor Also presents an interesting wrinkle with the character Perrin Fertha (Alistair McInnes) Complement pair. While also representing Chandrilans, Fertha appears to be supportive of the Empire. Rael notes that he has an interest in manufacturing imperial weapons. This indicates that at least a portion of the Chandrilans do not subscribe to the peaceful ways of Mothma.

The New Republic and the Ben Solo Connection

Chandrila becomes a target planet after Mothma publicly invites the official Rebel Alliance in Star Wars Rebels Episode “Secret Shipping”. Mothma is listed as a fugitive, and Chandrilan’s loyalists are forced into hiding. Unlike Organa, who hides his connection to the Rebel Alliance, Mothma has to give up the Imperial Senate. in Chuck Windiga novel After the catastrophethe character Olia Choko refers to Chandrila as “a small planet with big ideas”.

After the Battle of Indore in Return of the JediChandrila became the capital of the new republic. It became a training ground for New Republic pilots, accepting refugees from worlds that had been overrun by the Empire. Unfortunately, that also makes Chandrila a target. The planet was destroyed by a terrorist attack by the fleet Admiral Galius Rax. “Emancipation Day attacks” perpetuate the charged state of the galaxy. However, Chandrila eventually emerges from these challenges and resumes his rule as a symbol of peace. Lea Organa (Carrie Fishershe gave birth to her son BenAdam Driver) at Chandrilla after the fighting stopped.

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