McDonald’s Grimas appears as a bisexual in a new graphic

Sometimes you just need to take some time for yourself and re-evaluate who you are and that’s what happened to Grimace in Saturday Night Live fee. Host Miles Teller Season 48 premiered with a musical guest Kendrick Lamar And he brought us a fresh look at Grimace. McDonald’s famous purple spot that loved eating burgers has gone through some life changes. He lost 300 pounds, rips, cheated on his wife Susan, divorced, and realized he was bisexual and that’s all that matters to him now.

Grimace tells Ronald MacDonald (Mickey Day), hamburgular (Bowen Yang), and the rest of the McDonald’s family that he was doing a lot of work himself which is why he didn’t eat McDonald’s anymore and was trying to be a better mug. Interestingly enough, this infographic refers to the fact that McDonald’s doesn’t use its crew of mascots in advertising in the same way it did years ago.

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In the diagram, Grimace wonders if he’s happy or not (he thinks he is) and makes everyone around him think of their happiness when they joined together again to make a McDonald’s commercial like good days.

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Graphics like this are fun because they handle nostalgia well and remind viewers of childhood staples like Ronald MacDonald and all his friends while also bringing new fun to the world we know so well. The idea of ​​bisexuals coming to terms with his sexual orientation and finding a new sense of self and sharing that with the rest of his family at McDonald’s, despite playing comedy here, is one that will resonate with many viewers one way or another.

Ronald McDonald may not be bisexual either (he uses peloton to shred like Grimace), but it’s a drawing that brings back nostalgia for the way McDonald’s used to promote its products by being funny and cute. Grimace may not be as lovable as we remember but as long as he’s happy and trying to find his truth, that’s all we can ask for Grimace… and maybe Mayor Cheese should try to figure out how to not be a cheese boss anymore, there’s plenty to unpack there.

Check out the “Grimace” drawing on Saturday Night Live less:

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