NFL cracks down on DT Chris Jones for unsportsmanlike behavior


Kansas City Chiefs defensive tackle Chris Jones

After officials punished Kansas City Chiefs defensive back Chris Jones for unsportsmanlike behavior during Kansas City’s 20-17 loss to the Indianapolis Colts in Week 3, the NFL fined Jones for his actions.

The league has fined Jones $10,609 for unsportsmanlike behavior toward Colts quarterback Matt Ryan, according to the NFL’s Tom Pellisero on Oct.

Late in the fourth quarter of Kansas City’s Week 3 game against Indianapolis, Ryan was sacked by Chiefs quarterback Nick Bolton at 3 and 6 in Colts County. The play was huge for Kansas City, as they were leading 17-13 at that point in the game and were recovering the ball with about 4:30 remaining in the game.

However, a penalty flag was cast after the play ended.

The penalty was for unsportsmanlike behavior in the defensive tackle of Chiefs All-Pro Chris Jones. A video review showed that the flag was thrown after Jones exchanged words with Ryan after the play. The result was a 15-yard penalty, and most importantly, a first-time automatic shot for the Colts

The Colts finished that 76-yard drive in 16 plays and headed with a touchdown pass from Ryan to the ascending narrow end Gilani Woods, which was their second touchdown of the day. The touchdown gave Indy the lead and was enough to earn the Colts their first win of the season.

Lack of clarity in the reasoning behind the penalty

During his post-game press conference, Jones explained his frustrations about the penalty kick, leading Kansas City’s week four game against the Tampa Bay Buccaneers, Jones. Took the goal in the NFL For the lack of clarity regarding the penalty for unsportsmanlike behavior issued against him and the “offensive” language he used towards Ryan.

As of Wednesday, September 28, boss heads Andy Reed He said he has not received any further details regarding Jones’ punishment from the NFL yet. on Monday, Red said The Chiefs will receive a penalty report from the NFL after the league receives a report from officials. During his interview with Sports Radio 810 on September 29, Jones said he was not given more information on why he was reported.

Despite all of that, the league fined Jones.

Twitter reacts to NFL Fining Jones

Twitter users reacted as the NFL issued a fine to Jones.

“Imagine you are stopped because of speeding and the officer will not tell you the speed limit. One Twitter user wrote that the NFL fined Jones because his rules are subjective and poorly enforced.”

“So $10K for some swear words? Doesn’t seem like a huge fine for something they flagged,” another user wrote.

“Excuse me? These guys literally try first-degree murder in every play but speak ’bout words?’ another user wrote.

“Okay 10 thousand 15 yards. We need to find out what he said now. Sport is organized violence. Whatever happens to sticks and stones, he may break my bones….? Another user wrote.

“Well, should the NFL really fine the guys $10,000 for talking about that? I would have started the strike sooner if I had been the player,” another user wrote.

Another user wrote: “Everything Chris Jones said must have been bad because he didn’t tell the media.”


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