Only Objective Is To Be Happy

Southern actress sadaas take life the only goal is to be happy

The actress, who has already shared her thoughts on how important self-esteem is to her, took to Instagram: “The only goal one should have in life is to feel happy! Find things, emotions, people that give you joy … “

“We’ve been told that happiness comes from within and one should not rely on external factors to feel good. But most of the time, it’s not practically possible to detach from the people and situations that make you unhappy. What do you do next?”

“Accepting and acknowledging that momentary unhappiness or resentment and reversion to other things that give you happiness, is the way to go in moments like these. Hope you have a happy and happy Sunday!”

Earlier, the actress expressed that caring for oneself does not amount to being selfish.

She said, “Self-care, isn’t selfish as most people would like you to believe. Those who expect you to put them on your self-esteem or your happiness, are actually selfish! It’s better to stay away from them for your peace.”

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