Sixers struggle to get Joel Embiid, ball becomes a concern


Pascal Siakam #21 of Philadelphia 76ers guards Jewel Embiid #43 of the Toronto Raptors.

It’s still too early and the Philadelphia 76ers still have to test their talent against a rival team. However, there was growing concern throughout training camp about the team struggling to get the better ball, Joel Embiid. Part of this discussion was captured during the mic-up moment between Doc Rivers and James Harden, but that was an unfortunate early topic for boot camp.

Kyle Newbeck of The Philly Voice went into more detail about this concept at His last notes from his training camp. As he says:

“The liveliest moments in these drills came when the first team — Embiid/Tucker/Harris/Maxi/Harden — struggled to find ways to get the ball to a basketball quad. Rivers drove home that point for what felt like more than an hour of training Thursday, The head coach had many conversations about the issue with the individual players and the team as a whole,” Kyle Newpic.

Embiid need touches

One of the difficulties of building around a post-positioning player like Embiid is fighting defensive strategies that can prevent him from getting the ball. Teams often turn toward Embiid before he can even touch the ball, limiting the Sixers’ offensive combinations.

This appears to be the problem early in training camp as Rivers makes a strong effort to put an end to it. for every NewbekThe head coach was unhappy with the level of effort that was taking place as the ball swung around the perimeter. He also compared the team to the nuggets and the amount of effort Nikola Jokic’s teammates put in to make life easier for their star.

How do you fix the problem?

The most obvious issue to address is the Sixers’ ability to pass the ball to the post for Embiid to deal with. Getting a high-level pass has been a consistent problem for the team that Rivers questioned when speaking with Harden. The head coach asked the captain, “We were a terrible team, do you agree, a terrible team after last year’s pass?” to which Harden agreed without hesitation.

This is a problem that dates back long before Harden’s arrival. While Embiid often makes life easy for his teammates with the charisma of the attention he demands and ability to produce when he has the ball, it is no simpler task to provide him with the ball when he’s fighting for a low position. Harden’s amazing passing ability These possibilities helped open up in a major way. This was also one of the driving forces for Embiid to become more ocean-oriented in his play.

was too Confess in the article That Embiid was not doing his best to fight for openness during the training session. Whether it’s through Embiid’s efforts, the ability to move the ball or the Sixers’ ability to make high-level entry passes – a change needs to be made.

It’s “not a democracy,” Rivers noted earlier this week with the offensive offensive decision a major cause of debate on the topic. The Sixers’ offense is at its best when they’re effectively running through their best player because Embiid’s dominance opens things up for everyone.

It’s too early to panic, but this is a detail the Sixers will have to start ironing out. These issues will continue to be resolved as the team plays together, but failure to improve their best player will certainly be a concern for Philadelphia if it isn’t fixed before the regular season.


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