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Where there is will, there is way, and where there are creative people, there are great indie games. Dorfromantik is one such remedy; It’s a city building puzzle Your goal is to place hexagonal tiles until you get your own little world.

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Puzzle games like this are funny things; Different players approach it from different angles and get different things out of the experience. However, there are a few things that most players feel in the game; This is our favourite.

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6/6 Check the task path

The All missions are fine and amazing when you have two or three to keep an eye on, but what about five? eight? ten? As your map grows, so will your responsibilities. You will often focus on a completely different side of the map, or look for a completely different feature.

This can lead to some stupid mistakes that can cost you the game in the long run, but Only the most disciplined and thoughtful players are immune to this. You are obligated to put a farm in a farm group that you weren’t trying to finish first or you forget that you need to close a group to finish the flag quest. It’s normal.

5/6 Forget you can see the next tiles

It’s an incredible feeling to be rolling in Dorfromantik. You place tiles with precision and care, turning a small island of hexagons into a vast world! However, the more you invest in the game, the more It’s easy to forget the simple tactics introduced early on – like the pile of squares in the bottom corner.

Have you had a task that required exactly three more houses, and wondered if you should add tiles with two houses, or wait for tiles with three houses? Take a look at your tile stack. See tiles with three houses? Use the current for something else! Seeing tiles with one house? You know you’re safe using the current board in the group, because you’ll be able to finish the job momentarily. That might sound convenient, but we promise it There are an astonishing number of questions that you can answer on your own just by checking out this collection.

4/6 Get a new mission before you can finish a set

If you keep a close eye on your groups and tasks, you will know it Some of them require you to close a group when you’re done with it (which means no more squares will be added to it). They are assigned with a flag on the map, and usually, you can collect several of them in one group before they close and reap the rewards for it all.

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Unfortunately, if you take too long, you may get another task for the same feature. Since the game determines what research will ask you by how many specific features you currently have in one group, this new task is bound to ask a lot. If you close the group, the game will realize that you do not have a large group open and will make the task more manageable.

3/6 Wait a long time to get the perfect fit

Dorfromantik is a puzzle game that comes very close to real life puzzle games: You look to match the pieces with those around and create a beautiful whole. In Dorfromantik, this means that you are looking to pair like features on the edges of the tiles.

However, everyone should learn how to balance priorities; Sometimes waiting for the perfect fit just isn’t practical! However, we all end up with tiny holes in our map, just waiting for the perfect fit to appear. How can we give up now that we have waited so long?!

2/6 Be superstitious about RNG

When games have a random element (often in the form of a random number generator (RNG) of some kind) for them, it’s almost inevitable to decide that the computer has a brain of its own. naturally, Whether the computer is rooting you or planning your death depends on how well you are doing.

Do you get lucky and find a lot of perfect places? The computer obviously knows what it’s offering you, and if you look long and hard enough, you’ll always find a good placement. You get unlucky and can’t get the coin you need? Randomness is a stupid game mechanic anyway and you’re obviously being punished for something you did in your past life.

1/6 Accidentally make tasks impossible

The tasks in Dorfromantik ask you to connect a certain number of features together in one large group. While you may get ten or more trees on one tile, chances are you’ll only see tree farms on one tile. This means that if you accidentally limit the amount of space you have to finish, it may make it impossible to complete a task.

Unfortunately, it’s easier than you think to forget that you need to finish a task nearby. Place mindless tiles while you focus on something else, and you’re done Total chaos could cost you the game. You can use the undo button, if you find out your mistake quickly enough. However, it is likely that you will protect yourself in one way out.

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