6 times we felt bad for Mary (and 6 times we hated her)

In an unforgettable cult classic hocus pocusThe audience was honored by the Sanderson sisters: Winifred, Mary and Sarah. The Sanderson Sisters are an incredibly charming trio, but of all three, Mary Sanderson is totally unforgettable. From the mole above her lip to any time she says “Winnie” in a quivering, timid voice, Mary has been stealing the scene, sometimes even from the famous Winifred.

But while memorable, she was also the one that viewers couldn’t help but have mixed feelings for. Specifically, it was easy to feel bad for Mary, and at other times it was perfectly acceptable to hate her.

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with hocus pocus 2 Now, Disney fans live for the Sanderson Sisters on their screens once again. While Winifred and Sarah are fun and interesting in their own way, there is just something special about Mary. In many ways, Mary is the forgotten sister. She’s not as strong as Winnie and not as seductive as Sarah, but that doesn’t mean she wasn’t important. Because of this, there have been moments when fans felt bad for Mary, but they shouldn’t feel too sad. She was charming after all.

Fans hate Marie

I sucked in Emily’s life force

From the beginning of the film, the Sanderson sisters have sucked the life force out of Emily, Thackeray Binks’ sister. Like any media inspired by the Salem Witch Trials, it is common for children to be consumed by witches.

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However, it is shocking to think of Mary absorbing a young girl’s life force, especially when it was later revealed that Mary would sniff children whenever they were near them. As a witch with the ability to search for smell, Mary had some of the most ferocious quotes from the Sanderson sisters, but it still frightened her.

It was the head of a bull in the house of the devil

On Halloween night, Sanderson is shocked to find the Devil’s home. In fact, he was a man dressed as a devil for Halloween, but the sisters thought he was the real devil. Mary quickly made herself into the house when she walked in, which was funny, but things got worse when they met the Little Devil Woman.

His “little woman” was actually his wife, and she wanted nothing to do with Mary or her sisters, of course. Mary sat on her seat and played with the remote control while she was eating her snacks. While this was one of the funniest scenes in the movie, many would agree that if a woman came to her house and made herself comfortable uninvited, it wouldn’t be good.

She was arrogant

There is no secret that Winifred Sanderson is the strongest sister in the group. She had the strongest connection with their spell writers and was responsible for their youthful future. Because of this, Mary was sucking on her older sister because she wanted to please her and do it right.

She would fall at Winnie’s feet and she’s always by her side whenever she’s in the room. As funny as it was for Marie and Sarah to do anything for Winnie, fans would have loved to see Marie stronger and more confident rather than being brown.

She wanted to Choi Thackeray but she helped turn him into a cat

Of all the sisters, Mary was the most ferocious. When the sisters took over the human form of Thackeray, one of the options Mary made when she asked Winnie what she should do with him was to grill him. Although this is one of the most hilarious quotes in hocus pocus, But it was still a dark moment.

Absorbing the life force of a child is one thing, but grilling a living human being? In the end, they choose to turn him into a cat, but Marie is more cruel than fans realize.

The more random it barks

Each Sanderson sister had her own quirks that made her the charming individuals she is. Winifred was theatrical and dark, Sarah was sensual and muted, and Mary was eccentric with a touch of eccentricity.

As an antagonist already, it’s hard to say that Mary was one of the most lovable characters in hocus pocus. To frighten those around her, she would bark and snarl at them, as if she were a dog. If she wasn’t a witch with enough powers of strength, Mary was even more severe when she grumbled at people.

When I targeted Danny

If fans thought turning Thackeray into a diner was a bad thing, then Mary was offended when she was willing to kill Danny for her youth. Fans felt bad for Danny because she was one of the most lovable characters. Although she was young, Danny was wise beyond her years and more mature than her brother Max.

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Because Danny was such a likable character and Mary wanted to kill her since she was young, it was easy to hate Mary. The Sanderson sisters would have hounded any kid on Halloween to get their fix, but they focused on Danny instead.

Fans felt bad for Marie

It was controlled by Winifred

Sometimes being a witch is hard, sometimes being sisters with an assertive witch is hard. One of the things that fans need from hocus pocus The sequel is for Marie to have a more active role, especially when it comes to stories with her sister.

It’s easy to see that Winnie, Mary, and Sarah all love each other, but the way Winnie has controlled Sarah and Mary at times made it hard to watch. Mary was evil, but she deserved to be respected for her role in the brotherhood.

Mary’s powers are unused

While Winifred and her powers appear to be strongest due to her association with the Book of Talismans, Mary’s gifts are underutilized and underappreciated.

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Mary was born with a supernatural scent, which allowed her to smell the scent of children. Winifred and Sarah also have powerful powers, but they are useless in this department. Without Mary’s nose, the two sisters would not have known that Thackeray or Danny was hiding in their house. Mary can also prepare potions and spells and fly on brooms (and vacuum cleaners). The Sanderson sisters had their own scary moments, but viewers took pity on Mary because her skills were untapped in the first movie.

You weren’t aware of what was going on

at one point in hocus pocusMary forgot why she’d tag along with Winifred and Sarah. Winnie had to ask Mary questions to make sure she understood the revenge game plan. Since Winifred spoke quickly and did most things without getting past Mary, fans felt bad for her.

Fortunately, Marie eventually got to grips with what they were doing and remembered why she was affected in the first place. This short memory episode had made Winnie look like the antagonist and Mary the victim.

Whenever Winnie is controlling her around

Whether it was verbal or physical, it seemed like Mary was always the punching bag to frustrate Winnie. At one point in the movie, Winnie called her an idiot, and later, Winnie would randomly slam Mary’s face or arm.

Although they are witches and sisters, Mary did not deserve that kind of hate. Aside from sucking souls out of children, one of the worst things Winifred did to the Sandersons was to treat them as if they were worthless. For this reason, it was easy to feel bad for Mary.

When I got stuck in the oven

Although Marie was technically an opponent in hocus pocusHer fans felt bad when Allison, Max and Danny trapped the three sisters inside the school furnace. With all the intent of burning the sisters to the ground, the three locked them inside and set them on fire.

The three students also laughed and danced in celebration finally The Sanderson Sisters were killed Once and for all, the sisters survived the fire. Marie’s fans were happy that she survived the flames, because many hated Max’s attitude all along hocus box.

She had to fly on a vacuum cleaner instead of a broomstick

Because the sister’s brooms were taken by the children while they were busy inside the house, the witches were left without their brooms. So, when it came time to head to where the book of spells was, all that was left in the closet was a good broom, mop, and vacuum.

Winifred, of course, shredded the broom while Sarah picked up the next closest thing, a mop. As suspected, Mary was left with a void. Despite being comedic, sadly, she was always the last choice.

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