7 Best Weather Apps for iPhone

Staying informed about the weather keeps you prepared for the day and can be a good conversation starter for a short conversation with strangers. Checking the weather on your phone makes it easier than ever.

While your iPhone has the Weather app built in, sometimes it doesn’t provide enough detailed data. If you want something more, there are plenty of options in the App Store. These are the best weather iPhone apps we’ve found.

1. Weather Channel

When it comes to weather, The Weather Channel is hard to beat.

The Weather Channel app for iPhone welcomes you with a simple interface that still contains a lot of detailed information. You’ll get daily, hourly, and up to 15-day forecasts, along with wind speed, humidity and UV index information. The app also notifies you of any road conditions related to the weather in the area. Conclude with news stories and videos about local and national storms, or scientific discoveries related to weather and nature.

You can download the app for free and use most of the features. Premium Pro subscription disables all ads and provides other extras like 192-hour forecast, 72-hour future radar, and more.

Download: weather channel (Free, subscription available)

2. Weather radar

For those seeking more detailed weather forecasts and radar maps, MyRadar is well worth the download.

MyRadar is very fast and easy to use for anyone. It opens to a full HD map showing a live weather radar in your general surroundings. In addition to weather maps, you can get hourly and five-day forecasts as well, with graphs of precipitation, humidity, dew point, and visibility details.

All of the data in MyRadar comes from raw NOAA weather radar data, which in turn comes from the National Weather Service. Thus, you know that the data reflected in MyRadar is as accurate as it is.

The app is free to download. There is a premium subscription that disables all ads and provides additional features including historical radar and hurricane tracker.

Download: MyRadar . weather radar (Free, subscription available)

3. Weather strip

For a true visual look at the weather, try the beautiful Weather Strip. The app displays an hourly view of the location for the next week. This provides an ideal way for you to determine the best time to go outside or to check what’s in Mother Nature’s store at a particular time during an event or other outdoor activity. For example, you can see cloud cover, chance of precipitation, temperature, and much more every hour.

Thanks to the interactive map, you can see the weather forecast for any location on Earth. It also provides a set of home screen and lock screen widgets with different data points.

The app is free to download, and you can try everything it offers during a two-week free trial. After that, you will need a subscription to use the app. There are two different levels to choose from.

Download: weather sector (Free, subscription available)

4. Islands weather

If you want an informative weather app that has a mixture of sarcasm, sarcasm, and wit, then you should check out CARROT Weather.

CARROT has a great interface that still displays all the important information. You’ll find your current temperature, shape, chance of precipitation, wind direction and speed, as well as hourly and 7-day weather forecasts.

The feature that distinguishes CARROT from others is that you are greeted with an annoying computer AI (called CARROT) every time you launch the application. It’s full of personality and will give you random sarcasm at launch, providing you witty news about current events or news in the tech industry.

You can download the app for free. There are two additional subscription levels that unlock different features.

CARROT Weather is also an ideal way to check the weather on your Mac.

Download: Islands weather ($4)

5. RadarScope

Take your weather viewing to a new level with RadarScope. Designed for weather enthusiasts and meteorologists, the app provides ultra-accurate radar data, weather warnings, forecast storm tracks, and more. All radar violations are original data to the highest possible level of detail.

You can easily zoom in and out and scroll around the map. There are 289 radars to choose from in the United States and other locations around the world. All data will be automatically and intelligently updated every 2 to 10 minutes depending on the radar.

Along with the iPhone, it is also one of the best weather apps for the Apple Watch.

There are two additional subscription levels available with in app purchase. Level 1 provides real-time lighting data that animates and provides up to 30 frames of radar data. The second level offers this in addition to additional advanced features such as local storm reports.

Download: scoop radar ($9.99, subscription available)

6. Yahoo Weather

Yahoo Weather brings weather to life with a stunning interface that focuses on actual images from where you are.

With Yahoo Weather, you get accurate hourly, five-day and 10-day forecasts that will keep you prepared no matter the weather. All weather information is displayed as an overlay on top of the Flickr image of your location, which also reflects current weather conditions.

So if it is raining now, the image will display rain. This helps you visualize what the outside looks like, making it more personalized.

True weather professionals can customize Yahoo Weather to display as much or as little information as you want. There is an option to view live radar maps, precipitation information, sun and wind, and much more.

Download: yahoo weather (free)

7. Mercury’s weather

Mercury Weather is a simple option without the bells and whistles found in other apps. Instead, it focuses on providing a cool, beautiful look to the weather on your site and anywhere else you can imagine.

Set home location for hourly weather forecast for the next 48 hours. You can also check out a daily update for the next week. Choosing the date will provide additional information such as precipitation, humidity, wind, and other information such as sunrise and sunset times.

The app is free to use. Subscription is required to use the app on Apple Watch and unlock additional features including lock screen widgets, home screen widgets, and historical weather information.

Download: Mercury weather (Free, subscription available)

Our favorite weather apps for iPhone

You certainly don’t have to be happy to get the weather update from the stock Apple app.

As you can see, the App Store offers a variety of weather apps that provide a look at Mother Nature.

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