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friends He is, again, in the news, like Courteney Cox recently replied to a tweet/post on Instagram by Kayne West who claimed he never found the show funny. West’s statement turns out to be more controversial than he might have realized friends It remains one of the most popular sitcoms of the ’90s/early 2000s.

One of the many gags that appeared from time to time during the sitcom was Joey Tribbiani’s family, as he was the only son among his seven sisters, who all looked relatively alike. In her debut, the entire B-episode plot revolved around Chandler’s inability to tell the two of them apart. But each of the Joey sisters needed to stand out in one way or the other, whether it was for the purpose of the plot at that moment or in order to reappear in a later episode. And although most of the actresses didn’t move on to the Spinoff series, aerialAnd some of them give them more to get to know them.

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Marie Therese / Marie Theresa

Marie-Therese is one of the few special cases, as she was portrayed by two separate actresses, Mimi Lieber on friends The Christina Ricci on aerial. Her name also appears to have some variation, as she is only referred to as Mary Therese in the original text and Mary Theresa in the latter.

There is no similarity between the two looks of Marie-Therese in each other, except for her spoiled and spoiled tendencies. Her original character is bold, straightforward, and straightforward, but she cares a lot about the well-being of all her siblings. Her appearance on the spin-off shows her as very revealing and unconcerned about her family. Physically, she was much shorter in her second appearance, as well as being the second youngest member of the family, while she was the oldest and tallest of her sisters in friends.

Marie Angela

Marie Angela, played by Holly Gagnier, is the most shy of her brothers, although, like her sisters, she can be strong-willed. In her first and only appearance on the series, she and Chandler cheat while Chandler is drunk, and the episode is spent trying to figure out which of the sisters she is.

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Although physically the youngest of the group, Marie Angela is very similar to her sisters. She is made to be very comfortable with who she is, despite her shy nature, and does not hesitate to run to her brother for help when she is heartbroken by Chandler’s actions, implying that it is for the second time in the episode. She loves her brother very much.


within events In both series, Joey made many questionable decisions. Threatening to hit a friend of Dina’s when she reached out to tell him she’s pregnant is the least discussed, but a defining moment when it comes to Joey’s overprotectiveness of his younger sisters. However, Dina appears twice throughout the series and has a long arc episode, which sets her apart from the rest a bit, and embodies her character more than some of her other sisters.

Dina is the younger sibling in her family and her defining physical feature on her first appearance is her long hair, but on her second appearance her hair is short. Lisa Melelli played her in the introductory episode and Marla Sokolov in the second, which is not in the spin-off.


Among the entire Tribbiani clan, the character of Gina is subject to the greatest contradictions between them friends And the aerial. Played by KJ Steinbern on friends, stood near an airy height and bore a striking resemblance to the rest of her sisters with a hairstyle that matched her. in aerialPhotographed by Drea Di Matteo, she is several inches tall, with long, strawberry blonde hair.

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In addition to the inconsistencies in her physical appearance between the two shows, Joey is said to be the oldest of his siblings friendsWhile Jenna is supposed to be Joey’s older sister on the show aerial. These changes in her character between shows, while somewhat confusing, make her much easier to distinguish from all of her sisters.


Tina has only one look out of both shows in their entirety, which makes telling her apart from her sisters even more difficult. However, it has some distinctive features.

Tina has a slightly rounder face than most of her sisters, and in each of her looks throughout the episode, she wears her hair with a little fringe in front of her face. She also appears to be one of her tallest sisters. She is played by Lisa Maris and her main definition of the character is created by one impromptu comment Joey once made, in which he states that she is no longer allowed to see her husband, who has issued a restraining order on her. The reason for not knowing.


Like Tina, little is known about Veronica. The highlight of her look is her hair, as she appears to be wearing it in a larger hairstyle than any of her sisters. It is also darker than the others, close to black. She has a long face and seems to be taller than most of the others like Tina.

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Veronica’s character is left barely developed. According to a comment in an episode of aerialLike her older brother, she is a big fan of food. She only appears once between shows but is, of course, just as loved by her siblings as the rest.

The cookie is probably the most unique of all the Tribbiani sisters. With her slightly deeper voice, short hair, and sassy looks, Kookie is unmistakable among her sisters. Her first introduction to the audience was through a commentary about how she had shot her husband once, and finally, when she punched Chandler’s box in the face. Safe to say, it’s seen as the muscle of the family.

The cookie wears a lot of skin and is presented as very tough. Although it only appears once in friendsShe is without a doubt one of the most memorable Tribbianis on the show.

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