Analysts are overreacting after Zach Wilson and Gates beat the Steelers


New York Jets quarterback Zach Wilson throws out of pocket in Week 4.

It’s yet another win for the New York Jets fans on Monday as Zach Wilson led Gang Green over the Pittsburgh Steelers with a stunning performance in the final quarter.

Come back and discuss all the burning questions of the week from our expert writers Bull Boy Green Isden Jr And the Michael Obermüller. This edition of NYJ’s Mailbag Column will be centered around the game’s Week 4 reactions, including Zach Wilson’s performance, 2022 overreactions, Unsung Champions, training tweaks, and a look at Week 5 against the Miami Dolphins.

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Aircraft, Zach Wilson “emptying the tank” in Pittsburgh

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1. After another exciting win, give me the biggest reaction from the Jets now.

green boy:

The Jets has a quarterback franchise. Some will look at the rating box and see an unattractive statistic pile. However, anyone who has already seen the game can tell you that the intangible moments and throws were enough to convince you that he was the guy.

Essentially, Wilson missed nine months of work from the end of the 2021 regular season to the week four game against the Steelers. If he can pull off and win under inappropriate circumstances, just imagine when he gets more reps under his belt.

I’m giddy – and every Jets fan should spin off his potential.


My overreaction was that the Jets could sneak into the playoffs in 2022. Let me give that explanation by saying that I’m not a fan of the typical Homer who sees everything in green sunglasses. In fact, I’ve picked three out of four matches against them so far this year (excluding week four).

From the start, I said this summer that if the Jets can get past their nine-game first challenge with four wins, they should have a legitimate chance in the post-season based on their lighter schedule in the second half.

They’ve already won twice inside the AFC North and the road may be easier than we initially thought. Green Bay struggled to beat New England with Billy Zappie in the middle. Denver looked awful. Even Miami will have to start Teddy Bridgewater next week.

That’s before two games against the Patriots and one against the Bears, Jaguars, Lions, Seahawks and Vikings – yawn. The confident Jets could run a playoff in 2022.

2. How would you describe Zach Wilson’s debut in 2022?


A freaking roller coaster train man. I gasped audibly as Wilson was running away from the traffic and fell awkwardly on the grass. From the moment he hit the ground until the moment he cleaned himself up, it felt like a million years old.

I think it was good for him, the fans, and everyone else involved in seeing him get beaten up and survive. This doesn’t mean you want to see your QB get beaten up, but he needed to.

There were incredible highs – crazy returns and big throws for the boys. Bottoms – inaccuracies and questionable interceptions at the break. The good news is that Wilson will only get better from here and it’s better to learn lessons from winning than losing.


Rusty – that’s actually a good thing. If the rusty Wilson can lead his side to two games in the fourth quarter and score a win, the mid-season version should be thriving in this Mike LaFleur attack tailored to many of his strengths.

We saw navigation and all-screen gameplay design in Week 4 – things that didn’t work out with Joe Flacco in the quarterback. With the best lineup of playmakers in a long time, the Jets’ attack would probably be intimidating if they could pull together some consistency on the streak.

Back to the question. Wilson had nervous moments and made some unnecessary and inaccurate throws, but I also thought he managed to keep pocket pressure pretty well throughout the match. Most importantly, his play was in another world compared to Flaco and there is no doubt that he is the man to move forward.

Redemption wears green and white in week 4

Shows the audacity we have | Alijah Vera-Tucker Postgame 1-on-1 | New York Jets | NFLTeam reporter Carolyn Hendershott talks with Elijah Vera Tucker after the team’s week four game against the Pittsburgh Steelers. Subscribe to New York Jets YT Channel: for more Jets NFL Action: #NewYorkJets #Jets #NFL For more Jets action:

3. Who was the biggest unsung champ in a Week 4 win in Pittsburgh?


LaMarcus Joyner. This guy has been directly toasted – and rightly so – for his poor game play, missed tackles, and poor communications on the backend.

Fans were demanding his head, telling him to be on the bench, and most said they would like him to retire instead. For a veteran to fight back with one of the best games of his career is magical and, quite frankly, was paramount in winning.

I hope he can build on this going forward, but man who deserves the roses!


Elijah Vera Tucker Mine. Coach Robert Saleh had an ace up his sleeve even before kick-off and a thanks to the staff for trying something bold.

AVT played offensive tackle in college, this was a well-known fact. Several fans suggested that the Jets bring him back to his NFL position and finally, after countless injuries and failed replacement plans, they did.

Was it perfect? No – but given what Gates had asked him to do in a short week, he was pretty good too.

Gates Game Analyzer Post-Play Conor Rogers tweeted His October 3 stats: “Aliga Vera Tucker with 67 hits in *left tackle* yesterday. 0 sacks, 0 QB hits, 3 hits per player. Not enough credit could be given for his value in playing a top-level guard spot or emergency tackle.”

4. The coaching staff seemed to have had a much better day against the Steelers after a tough week on social media. What did you like about Gates’ Week 4 training plan? Anything still bothering you?


Yes, I’m still at a loss as to what happened at the end of the first half, honestly. Here’s the situation: 3rd and 11th from Pittsburgh 29th with 20 seconds remaining. Gates led 10-3 and got the ball to start the second half.

If they play it safe, they go up 13-3 and that’s probably the score in the inning. Instead, they act aggressively with Wilson’s play call and interception being returned for 26 yards. Ultimately, the Steelers got a long field goal of 10-6 instead. What was LaFleur thinking?

It was a bad call, a terrible throw by Wilson, and I just didn’t understand the risk versus the reward. Just a neat move and it highlights what a season of ups and downs it has been so far for LaFleur.

I think he has a bright future but he can’t continue in these great matches against the bad matches, he needs consistency.


Wow, the green boy is out for blood! No positives just to kill

I’ve said in the past, the plan is a little too strict at times but in Week 4 the fans finally saw what the Jets were supposed to look like in attack and defense. O wants to run the ball and hit the pass forwards into space out of play – they’ve done it well given OL’s shortcomings and absences.

D wants to play behind a forward, speed up in the middle with new lunge passes, and make turnovers. Again, they did so for the most part despite a slight bump in the second half. It wasn’t close to perfect but every time Saleh or Jeff Olbrich said ‘Wait, the plan will eventually work’, I finally saw it happen for the first time in 2022.

Now, I’m not saying they got a pass. I thought Saleh had a smart game from a master training and motivational perspective, which I disagree with my partner, and thought this was the most creative game for LaFleur as a communicator, and overall I give it a positive score. I’m still not sure about Ulbrich’s surprise post but there were signs of improvement today.

5. The Jets have their first divisional match in Week 5 against the Miami Dolphins. Give us the prediction and the weekly score (Obermüller beats Boy Green 3-1 vs 2-2 on the season).


Gang Green lost 12 consecutive divisional matches, meaning they were swept away by every team in the division for two consecutive years.

This is the time for change and planes in the house. They have the good vibes after the thrilling win over the Steelers and of course, the Miami Dolphins are dealing with some QB issues.

It won’t be easy, but I think Gang Green is finding a way. Saleh is intimately familiar with Dolphins head coach Mike McDaniel from all of their time together in San Francisco. I’ll take the planes that won this game 28-26 over the dolphins and pushed over the 500 mark.


I’m still waiting for Boy Green to pick against the Jets in 2022, but I guess that’s how he got his title. For me, I had two wins in a row after my wrong pick in Cleveland.

This is a game that I’ve flipped back and forth in the past few months and I’ll actually be there for the first time this season – but something tells me to put up with the discomfort here.

Miami started the year hot with a 3-0 score but they didn’t do it dominantly. You could argue that they should have lost to Baltimore and Buffalo if not for mistakes by their opponent and that Bridgewater’s arm limits their greatest asset at the wide receiver.

This will be an upcoming game of Sauce Gardner and another solid effort from DJ Reed. The Jets’ rush of passes will also reach Teddy B and force blunders. Finally, this dolphin defense does not frighten me at all. Play this video of Tyreek Hill laughing — “Who? The Planes?” — in the boardroom all week repeat Saleh and let’s pitch it at MetLife Stadium. Ganggreen 33, Miami 24.


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