Bee and Puppycat isn’t just a comedy, it’s a Mystery Box show

bees and dolls He made his long-awaited comeback on Netflix in the form of Bees and Dolls: Lost in Space. It’s a secondary season that reshapes the plots of the original series and uses them as the basis for the first few before leaving for a completely unknown territory. Show follows Bee (Allen Rachel) and Puppycat (vocaloid oliver) because they perform individual temporary jobs and generally live their daily lives. The show doesn’t have much in terms of overall plot, instead, spending its time firmly anchored in the events of each episode taking us from one surreal job to the next. Bee and Puppcat He has a beautiful pastel aesthetic and at times a sense of humor for events that could easily lead one to think that this show is similar to the likes of steven universe. but in fact bees and dolls More mature and melancholy than his bizarre hypothesis might think. Despite the cute antics of a lazy girl and an easily angry cat dog, we quickly understand that there is a lot more out there in the game world. bees and dolls What the eye sees.

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Each episode follows a very standard setting. bees and dolls They spend their day running into some trouble that requires money before they head off to a temporary job to earn the necessary cash. Each job takes them to strange and surreal new places. They graze the head of a giant child, cook cakes for a mysterious portal, and open hotel rooms with an axe, none of which really contributes to an overall scheme. The show manages to create the atmosphere and give us anecdotes to create plots. . real meat bees and dolls The story takes place long before what we witness, and we end up finding one mystery after another as we learn how much context we lack for what’s happening. The events of the show are often comedic, sometimes sad, and always surreal, but there is a clear history that weighs on every character we see and a lot of the show’s plots come in the form of these giant questions we’re left with. It’s a mysterious chest that we can’t help solve even if the exact contents aren’t relevant to what’s happening on the screen.

Since the original series, Bee has been a mystery. At first, she seems like a very straightforward character, the kind that has no aim in twenty things you could find anywhere. But once she is forced into battle with the mysterious cosmic hands that never seem to leave the Puppycat alone, her true nature is revealed. Bee is a robot that creates far more questions than it answers. We’re left to wonder: Why was the Bee created? And with that we wonder what happened to her father, who is often remembered but is clearly missing from the narrative. We can guess it had something to do with what led to the “bee stuff”, as Wesley put it (Erin Hanson) points at him, only to end up in the ocean, but this again leads to more questions. It is clear from the absence of her father and the presence of all these remains that something big It happened in the not too distant past, but we don’t have much to lose. These mysteries aren’t something the show is actively trying to solve because all the characters have a lot more context than we do, but they work on the assumption that these things will be revealed naturally in time.

Puppycat is just as interesting, if not more so than Bee. Nowadays, it’s a mouthful and often selfish thing to go on magical quirky girl adventures with Bee, but there’s clearly more at play here. In both the original series and lazy in space Hear the tale of the space criminalSteve Bloom). A man falls in love with a space princess and is ultimately betrayed by her. They are first told like fairy tales, but it soon becomes clear that this is actually the story of the Puppycat and with this realization come countless questions and puzzles to solve. How did it end up in its current form? How it ended up working with TempBot (Marina Sartis)? Are the two related to each other? And with context lazy in space How did he and his comrades end up on Earth? We get glimpses of the backstory but nothing helps bridge the massive gaps. Puppycat remains largely a mystery to both the public and the bee.

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The series is based on mystery as much as it is humor

Besides these foundational questions, there are a myriad of little mysteries that relate to them. Since the original series we’ve seen Cardamon (Alexander James Rodriguez(take care of his mother)Jennifer Tilly) who is stuck in a mysterious coma. with context lazy in space We know her as one of her old classmates in Space Outlaw and that only leads to more questions about how she got here and ended up in her current state. Through flashbacks, we see that Bee and Crispin Wizard (Tom SandovalShe was in a committed relationship sometime before she met Bobcat. We can’t help but wonder what went wrong when we see how close the two were in the past and still are today. All these puzzles start growing around each other as the different threads are loosely connected to each other but the bigger picture is still missing us.

It is these puzzles that provide a model for the show, we want to know the answers. But the pace of the show means we’ll have to indulge in the kind of aimlessness that lingers on most of the characters. The show itself isn’t a mystery, but it’s impossible to ignore how much has been omitted from our perspective. Puzzles bring texture and intrigue to the show, offering direction even when it lacks a strong sense of plot. We, like the characters, are along the way and will, with time, come to understand what has been withheld. The questions we have left only serve to increase our involvement in the show, encouraging us to look beyond the beautiful and strange events before our eyes to understand the larger context and emotional weight of what is happening. With time and luck, we hope to see these gaps fill in with future installments. At the moment, although the mysterious square of bees and dolls It will continue to confuse us.

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