Best TUR units in DBZ Dokkan Battle

Dragon Ball Z: Dokkan Battle contains a variety of characters or units to add to your class based teams. While many of the most powerful units are Legendary Rare (LR), there are many Transcended Ultra Rare (TUR) units that pack a serious punch.

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While TURs are lower on the rare totem pole, that doesn’t necessarily mean they are less powerful; In fact, some TURs are much more desirable, which results in some LRs getting out of the water. Some TURs are awesome at base level 120, while others have risen to star rank due to their powerful Extreme-Z Awakenings (EZAs), raising their level cap to 140 and upgrading their skills.

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10/10 TEQ [Game Of Death] Androids #17 (future) and #18 (future)

Androids future It boasts a steady 170 percent increase in HP, ATK and DEF for the ‘Worldwide Chaos’ and ‘Future Saga’ teams, but that’s not all. They gain 180% extra DMP and 170% ATK with their passive skill and randomly change Ki Sphere to TEQ.

Each TEQ KI Sphere earned boosts these fearsome bots, granting 35 percent ATK and DEF per TEQ ball, as well as 17 percent DEF and 18 percent equivalent unequal attack. These two stack monsters, building their attack and defense almost effortlessly, with the help of an excellent passive skill that makes their maximum strength possible relatively early in the battle.

9/10 STR [Furious Punishment] Goku Black (Super Saiyan Rose)

Goku Black EZA has done miracles to restore this extreme fighter to his relevance. His skill as a leader only marginally improved, but he mainly relied on his strong passivity. Goku Black now receives 150% ATK and DEF boosts along with three Kis and an additional 50% DEF for extreme allies.

Smart players will be looking to turn on his Final Strike ability, which activates after the last attack lands on any opponent and grants a total of 350% ATK and DEF for the rest of the battle. Combine this unit with a team of other Goku Black and Zamasu units for devastating results.

8/10 AGL [Observance Of Pride] Super Saiyan God SS Vegeta

Much like Goku Black, Super Saiyan God SS Vegeta received a huge glow with his EZA. Vegeta’s ‘Pure Saiyans’ commander skill got an upgrade, Class boost with 3 Ki and 170% omni-buff for ATK, DEF and HP. His super attack also raises his attack and DEF by one turn, while his opponent’s DEF greatly weakens.

His passive skill is also a huge blessing, adding 150% ATK and 100% DEF to his already massive stats. He made two guaranteed bonus attacks, each with a 15 percent chance of being a Super Attack, boosting Vegeta’s impressive value among his Pure Saiyan peers.

7/10 STR [Ally Of Love And Friendship] Fidel

Videl is still near the top of many Dokkan players’ wish lists due to its rare class lead and exceptional damage. Videl leads the ‘Defenders of Justice’ or ‘Peppy Gals’, providing four Ki and 170% boosts to ATK, DEF and HP. Using her Super Attack provides an additional 30 percent of ATK and DEF for one turn.

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Additionally, Videl also boasts the rare ability to perform Unit Super Attack, which fires when there are some Gohan (Teen) or Great Saiyaman units on the team. This Super Unit Attack increases ATK and DEF by 50 percent and removes the enemy’s DEF by 50 percent for three turns. Add to that her massive Attack and DEF boost to her passive skill and a 50 percent chance of dodge attacks, and it’s clear why Fidel is on the hunt.

6/10 TEQ [Glacial Prestige] Frieza (first model)

Frieza is one of DBZ’s most powerful and well-known villains. Frieza’s main gimmick involves his transformations as he progresses through each stage before finally reaching Golden Frieza..

In his ultimate form, Frieza raises his Attack and DEF with each Super Attack, boasting a great opportunity to impress an opponent. His negative mass increases by 150% on his attack and DEF, and he can even restore 15% of his health at the start of each turn, making Frieza one of the best units for long battles.

5/10 TEQ [Power Beyond The Extremes] Johan (teenager)

Unlike Frieza, Gohan does double duty as an impressive class leader and an unbreakable tank unit. Gohan tops the “Savior” and “Hybrid Saiyans” – in both powerful classes – with 130 percent HP, 170 percent Attack and DEF. His passive skill increases attack and damage by an additional 140 percent.

When his guard is turned on, Gohan gains 40% more attack for that turn, which boosts his attack. However, Gohan’s main draw is undoubtedly his defensive prowess, so be sure to place him in the position that will receive the most enemy attacks.

4/10 AGL [Righteous Otherworld Defense] baikohan

What Paikuhan lacks in name recognition, it more than makes up for in its stacking ability, shining brightly due to a negative similar to Android. An idle Paikuhan grants 150 ATK and DEF, plus an extra 30 percent when you get three or more ki balls. He even has a 50 percent chance of dribbling and is guaranteed to shut down his opponent’s attack if he gets the Rainbow Ki Sphere.

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While his downside is incredible, Paikuhan also boasts an amazing 170 percent Commander skill for ‘Connected Hope’ units as well as a flat 130 percent for Super Class units, if you prefer to use it as a Commander in Chief. Whichever team you choose, Paikuhan is the complete package.

3/10 AGL [Ultimate Life Form With Immense Power] cell (first form)

If you think Paikuhan has a laundry list of reinforcements, you’ll want to take a look at it Cell, one of 200 percent of the leaders currently available. Cell “Androids/Cell Saga” or “Power Absorption” leads with 170 percent of the Omni, plus an additional 30 percent for units also in the “Androids” category to make up the 200 percent total.

His passive skill is similarly impressive, adding 170% attack and DEF plus another 80% if he encounters more than two enemies. If he encounters three or more enemies, he gains an extra 70% ATK and DEF, not to mention his chance to dodge or perform a critical hit. When all is said and done, the cell will be ready to advance over 320 percent in reinforcements just to enter the battle.

2/10 STR [Devastating Fighting Spirit Of God] Super Saiyan God Vegeta

While Vegeta previously struggled to keep up, EZA finally allows him to ascend to the right divinity in the meta game. Vegeta’s passive skill is extremely powerful, offering three Ki, 150 percent attack and DEF boosts, plus an additional 77 percent after being attacked. It also gains a 30 percent chance of a second Super Attack – its main form of damage.

If you’re up against an opponent of ‘Movie Bosses’ or ‘Pure Saiyans’, you’re in luck because Vegeta will also have a 70 percent chance of infecting these enemies, nullifying their attacks. Even if not, Vegeta also has a 50 percent chance of protecting all attacks, which makes full play for his negatives and ensures his survival to take advantage of these reinforcements.

1/10 TEQ [God’s Effortless Controlling Aura] Super Saiyan God Goku

Everyone wants to be like Goku, and with such strength, it’s no surprise why. After EZAing, Goku’s passive skill rises dramatically. Much like Vegeta, he got three ki and an extra 150 percent attack and DEF, but he also randomly changed ki balls from the chosen type to rainbow ki balls. If that wasn’t enough, he’s amassed seven percent of the DEF for each Ki Sphere — and that should be plenty to give the rainbow number of options.

If you collect two or more Rainbow Ki Spheres, Goku gains 77 percent more ATK and DEF. Free to Vegeta’s ability, Goku also gains 77 percent damage reduction (DR) if there are “Movie Bosses” or “Pure Saiyans” enemies, making Goku a perfect tank combination to go along with his fellow God, Vegeta. While each unit offers similar top-notch boosts, Goku’s survival gives him an edge for more challenging game content.

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