Billing trade proposal sends leading NFL intruder to Buffalo


New York Giants running back Saquon Barkley is now the leader of the Comeback POTY.

The Buffalo Bills could use some help with their running game, and one analyst suggests they try to trade the best.

Although the Bells’ attack has continued through the first quarter of the season and helped propel them to their best 3-1 start in the AFC, the running game has sometimes lagged behind. Veteran Zach Moss and rookie James Cook made few contributions, while linebacker Devin Singletary runs for just 549 yards on the season.

Analyst Shannon Sharp thinks Bills should consider a deal for the league’s best, which could be available by the upcoming deadline.

The bills go after the best

Sharp suggests that the Bills consider striking a deal for the New York Giants who fall behind Sacon Barkley, noting that the current Buffalo duo have been less than impressive. Moss has 84 yards in 16 buggies this season — 43 of them are coming in one long sprint against the Miami Dolphins — while Singletary has 34 yards for 129 yards. Quarterback Josh Allen is the team’s leading forward with 183 yards.

“If* I bills. I will inquire about Barkley,” mustache tweet. “I gave Moss/Singularity plenty of time to get it all together.”

Sharpe is not the only analyst to suggest that the bills are trying to trade in Barkley’s favour. Appear in “Up & Adams” Last week, Boomer Esiason suggested the Giants might be willing to sell at a higher price because Barkley is in for a renewed season.

“I’ll probably be as good now as he’s ever been in the NFL,” Isaiasson said. “The first two games here, he’s ridding himself – in my eyes anyway – he’s running hard, lowering his shoulders, and you can see the blast coming back in his legs…why do the Giants keep him? Especially if you can get a reasonably good draft pick.”

Barclay’s price could be high

Esiason suggested the Bills might be able to land Barkley for a second or third round, but that price could go up. The Giants running back comes from a performance where he had 31 carry-outs for 146 yards in the win over the Chicago Bears.

Barkley did it all in the win, even lining up as the Wildcat quarterback after Daniel Jones left with an ankle injury and Tyrod Taylor came out for a concussion assessment. Jones eventually came back, but Barkley said he’s ready to do whatever it takes to help his team win.

Barclay said via Professional football debate. “I’m the quarterback. First of all you have to give credit to the DJ who’s back in the game. I can’t curse, it’s tough, you know what. Nothing but respect for him to come in and keep fighting for his team just shows you what kind of person and what kind of player he is.” Which it is. I think I did my best to read it. I guess it’s not really that hard, but I think I did the right reading on them. But we were able to keep the ball moving, get down on the field, get some points and the defense did a great job for us” .

Barkley now leads the NFL with 463 rushing yards, and most importantly the Giants are in the thick of the playoff race with a 3-1 score. If the team continues on winning ways, any chance of Barkley trading for the Bills by the deadline could dry up.


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