Browns former QP Baker Mayfield attacked amid speculation

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Quarterback Baker Mayfield of the Carolina Panthers.

Former Cleveland Browns quarterback Baker Mayfield struggled hard with the Carolina Panthers and his role initially appears to be in jeopardy due to the sporadic attack.

Through four games, the Panthers 1-3 have had one of the worst offenses in football, averaging only 262.3 yards per game. Mayfield classes Dead-last in the league in QBR And he comes out with a rough performance in a 26-16 loss to the Panthers.

Mayfield had 22 for 36 passes for 197 yards with two interceptions and one pass for trash time.

For most of the second half, Mayfield and the offense were showered with boos from the home team’s fans. He threw an interception in the fourth quarter that helped the Cardinals extend their lead and poorly missed a 4 and 1 pass from the Panthers 31-yard line that led to another result.

“Obviously, I’m frustrated with the fact that we’re 1-3. We’re four weeks out of the year. We can sit here and let you guys pile on us or we’ll get together as a dressing room,” Mayfield told reporters. “I don’t really care about the fact that our fans are booing or what’s going on. We’ll find out and when we win, it’s just us in the locker room and that’s all I really care about so we’ll be fine.”

Hearing the boos isn’t a new experience for Mayfield — it happened in Cleveland, too, which he addressed in an off-season interview with the commercial drama.

“I like to go into someone’s room and boo them and watch them fall apart,” Mayfield said in April. On the “Ya Never Know” podcast.

The Browns Return to Mayfield Contingent on Snap Count

Brown finally managed to break up with Mayfield by trading him with the Panthers after a long and long relationship this off season following a move for Deshaun Watson. The conditional draft pick restored by Cleveland could turn out to be a fourth player if Mayfield plays 70% of the picks at the Carolinas, although that’s a major question now.

Coach Matt Rowley is also in the hot seat and did not release Mayfield after the loss to the Cardinals.

“I’m going to hold off on any big picture until tomorrow. At the end of the day, I’m on headphone, seeing things, and I know there’s never one person here, one person there, there are a lot of different things, so I’ll try to give you a really well-thought-out answer after watching tapes,” Rhule said about Mayfield’s situation in the beginning. “All that said, I think we can play better than that. I just feel we have to expect more from all of us as an insult, and that starts with me first.”

Mayfield also got paid when he joined the Panthers and has incentives that will help him get it back. He will have to receive it in a hurry. Sam Darnold is expected to soon return from a sprained ankle and could be a tempting option for Rhule if offense continues to suffer.

If Mayfield loses the starting party, his future in the NFL will be called into question, as the previous top general pick is set to reach the next free agency next season.

Brown drops to 2-2 after stumbling against the Hawks

Mayfield did not miss in Cleveland, with Jacobi Brisset He did a great job as the first player missed with Watson in the first 11 games. However, Brown dropped to 2-2 on Sunday, losing a very win-win game against the Atlanta Falcons.

Despite outselling Atlanta and holding an 11-minute lead in possession time, Brown fell 23-20.

“At the end of the day, we’re a 2-2 team.” Chub said After his third game at 100 yards this season. “This is who we are, so this is who we are now. But we can only focus on the things we have to do better.”

The Browns have questions on both sides of the ball and the schedule gets tougher from here, facing the Chargers and Justin Herbert next.


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