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Whenever I try to understand MultiVersus for Existence, the more confused you become. I played the game, which is a very good period. But something about this dream match is rubbing me the wrong way. Don’t get me wrong; I like a good crossover. Marvel Vs. Capcom? Tag me! Smash Bros.? Let’s go! Kingdom Hearts? Hand me the keyboard, baby!

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However, integrating IP addresses into this game seems wrong. No related topic other than “Our company has way more media than we know what to do with it, so, YOLO!” Sure, we love him now. But we’re still opening Pandora’s box. This feat has dire consequences. Do not believe me? Warner Media owns all of these characters, which means we could theoretically see them come to MultiVersus.

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8/8 Rachel Green – Friends

I invite him now. MultiVersus will reach Central Perk and begin rolling out these white twenties to the roster by the end of Season Two. It’s a shame that Maxine Shaw, the sharp and fierce lawyer from the popular Living Single (also owned by Warner Brothers), would make a much better addition!

OK. We have proven that the base six can become playable in MultiVersus. But who will come first? Honestly, Warner would go for Jennifer Aniston’s money. (I know we all want Phoebe Buffay, but the World Bank wants us to work for her.)

So, are you planning to spend Gleamium on a large selection of hairstyles or a wedding dress outfit first?

7/8 Aunt M – The Wizard of Oz

Did you know that Warner Bros. Own now wizard of oz Distribution rights? Because I definitely haven’t done that yet. So, there’s a chance some of our favorite Ozians will eventually come to MultiVersus. Personally, would I want to play young Judy Garland and slap Bugs Bunny dog? You bet your ass!

But, let’s remember that the multiverse has no limits. Sure, we might as well get America’s treasure and her mom to Lisa Minnelli. Or we can have a petty person like Aunt Em. Or a multicolored horse. Or that man with the curly mustache guarding the entrance to the Emerald City (what’s his name even?). If everyone is really here, you can’t count those guys.

By the way, I looked it up, and he portrayed the guy who played the magician, Frank Morgan five Various roles in this movie in general including the mustacheed gatekeeper. And now I’m shivering.

6/8 Chris Keeler – Oz

As Arya Stark has pointed out, HBO has a place on MultiVerse. So, why stop at Game Of Thrones? Let’s take a look at the classics, shall we? More specifically, let’s take a look at Em City.

Oz is a ’90s male prison story and HBO’s first self-proclaimed hour-long drama. One of the most memorable characters on the show is a sensual sociopath named Chris Keeler, played by Christopher Meloni, America’s favorite Derrier.

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Keeler does many unfortunate things throughout the series, including betraying his interest/cellmate multiple times, beating up a nun, killing a handful of inmates, making deals with the Arian Brotherhood, and saying many things I cannot repeat in a polite society.

what I say? There’s no way this guy would end up at MultiVersus. But he will undoubtedly recover. I wouldn’t be surprised if this situation went forward. (Hey, it’s not TV, it’s HBO, am I right?)

5/8 Ellen DeGeneres

Why stop at the world of fictional characters? MultiVersus certainly didn’t do when LeBron James was added. And with so many talk shows under the WB hood, it wouldn’t take long for them to dive into this untapped reservoir of celebrity names.

My gut feeling tells me that MultiVersus will become another extension of Ellen DeGeneres’ reach for the mass media. Granted, Elaine used to drop people in a question-presenting contest out of death’s flaws. So, the Iron Giant ride from Sky Arena should be in its cockpit.

4/8 Ray Barron – Everyone loves Raymond


I hope you’re ready for your favorite Italian sports writer who has parental boundaries issues to contend with in MultiVerse. That’s right, folks, Everybody Loves Raymond is another sitcom distributed by Warner Bros. So, Ray Romano is in competition for the MultiVersus site.

Honestly, from an Italian American perspective, I love this show. The pointed Doris Roberts and Peter Boyle were comedic masterpieces.

But does a celebrity whose voice is on the shortlist per my impression belong in a fighting game? I’m sure everyone will take a look at this. However, this is the mess you invite when you do this DevelopA game based on nothing more than the concept that one media company owns a lot of bullshit.

3/8 The Magical Pair of Pants – Sisters of the Travel Pants

To be clear, I’ve never seen Sisters of the travel pants. However, it’s freshly certified Rotten Tomatoes, so I probably miss it. The film centers on a group of friends who find mysterious pants that somehow fit their completely different bodies.

Well, this movie is about magic pants.

Magic pants? Magical pants!

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Listen, I don’t know if the pants have secret powers other than a hidden elastic waistband, but I don’t care. If Player First Games can find a way to spice up combat prowess in mystery jeans, then I’m here for it.

2/8 and Tunisia

Raise your hand if you grew up watching your grandparents watch The Waltons!

Well, just me? whatever.

For those curious, The Waltons was a historical television drama about a rural Virginia family living during the Great Depression. However, I will never forget this classic of the long and extended family Bedtime sessions. Now, you might be thinking, “Chris, there No way The show co-running on TV Land during the afternoon will become part of MultiVersus.”

Let me tell you something. My Mom, who owns a PS4 Pro, will download a free video game to play and get names like John-Boy. Don’t underestimate the power of nostalgia, folks.

1/8 Anyone who has previously obtained a BA/BSc

If you thought reality TV couldn’t come to MultiVersus, then my dear, I have a rude awakening for you. Owns Warner Bros Much from reality TV. How much do you ask? Includes Warner Bros. branch. Discovery Discovery, HGTG, Food Network, and TLC.

does this mean fiancé 90 days Could it end in MultiVersus? yes.

what about I didn’t know I was pregnant? Wait until they don’t know how they got into MultiVerse.

But this is the tip of the trash TV iceberg. One of Warner Bros.’ longest running reality show. Not on the Discovery Network. Instead, it airs on ABC and has been around since 2002. Can you guess what it is? stumbled? Here is a hint: “Do you accept this rose?”

yes! Buckle up, because every Chad, Thad and Becky has a chance at immortality in MultiVerse. This is what happens when a crossover flies too close to the sun. Was it worth the toast, all of you? was it!?

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