Chucky Season 2 video mocks Nicole Kidman’s famous AMC ad

It’s been a little over a year since then Nicole Kidman He took us on…a trip to the experience at the AMC Theatre. The Oscar-winning actress’ ad instantly became a legendary piece of art as it included moments of Kidman staring longingly at the screen and saying things like, “Not just fun, but somehow reborn—together” and “Somehow, the heartbreak feels good in a place. like this “.

Although some time has passed, it’s clear that the commercial didn’t leave comedic writers and pranksters everywhere. Just last weekend, Saturday Night Live Honored the advertisement with the resident impression specialist Chloe Feynman take on Big Little Lies The star’s Australian accent is evoking a cult in the theater.

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The next day Saturday Night Live They had a challenge on their hands as the honorary doll of SYFY and USA Network’s chucky He made a parody of his own. Calling the weekly comedy sketch show in the caption, the trailer for the trailer reveals all things horror as the doll’s killer feet reverberate throughout the stage. Instead of the original ad transporting us to a safe and fun place where “our heroes feel like the best part of us,” the killer doll gives us “a moment that makes you look” while talking about “the horror so intense that you’re peeing your pants.”

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While The Good Guys Doll may not be returning to “glamorous” AMC screens anytime soon, it will appear in the second season of the eponymous horror series. This time, fans will see the role of Chucky (Brad Dourifwreak havoc at a Catholic reform school where the show’s leading characters Jake WheelerZachary Arthur), Devon Evans (Borgvin Arnarsonand Lexi Crossalivia allen lind) will be present. Filled with just the right amount of tricks and wizards, the latest installment will also have a plethora of side plots with many of the faces we know and love from baby play Including the universe Jennifer TillyAnd the Alex VincentAnd the Fiona DriveAnd the Kristen Elise with Devon Sawa Returning as a different character after being killed twice during the show’s junior season.

Besides familiar faces, viewers will see Lachlan WatsonHe deals with Chucky and Tiffany (Tilly) Glenn/Glinda’s child – something that fans who last saw the character have long come to expect in 2004 chucky seeds. Meanwhile, Tilly seems to be hosting a dinner party packed to the brim with several of her closest friends and family Meg TeleAnd the Gina GershonAnd the Joe PantolianoAnd the Sutton Strack It will also appear in Don Mancini String created.

You can check chuckyView the AMC trailer for Kidman below, and be sure to tune in for more chill and goosebumps when the first episode of season two begins on October 5.

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