Cyberpunk 2077 Mod adds areas of Edgerunners

Be the Edgerunner in 2077.

Much of Cyberpunk 2077’s resurgence can be traced back to the episodic Edgerunners of the anime. After David Martinez’s exploits and chooms, audiences old and new fell in love with the Netflix show, encouraging many to relocate to Night City themselves. And now, you can have the best of both worlds.

A new mod for Cyberpunk 2077 lets you explore locations from the anime and invite your in-game friends to hang out with you. “Night City Interactions – Watson Drinks and Edgerunners locales” adds ten areas of the show, and makes it possible to invite Jackie, Judy, Panam, River and Kerry for a drink. Each new area is inspired by an episode of Edgerunners, with the modem creator focusing on memorable moments from David’s story.

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“[This mod] It adds a number of drink spots to the game where V can have a drink, maybe even share one,” says the creator, Nexus Mods cheater user. Visit some of the locations from the Edgerunners cartoon, find places to sit or walk away from some of the featured locations visited in the show.”

Some areas that allow you to hang out with your friends are in the base game, such as Tom’s Diner, Lizzie’s, and Afterlife. But the situation also makes it possible to relax in places you’ll recognize from Edgerunners: Ho-Oh Club, Kabuki Roundabout booth, Riot, and NID Docks. There’s more on top of this, so head over to The Nexus page for the mod For a full breakdown of what the scammer added.

Of course, not all of Edgerunners’ content in 2077 has to be modified. For now, you can grab David’s jacket and Rebecca’s gun in-game. You can even find a BD headset that shows you a short clip of the show. Due to its immense popularity, it is possible to add more Edgerunners gestures to the game, although CDPR is still tight-lipped for now.

The next big expansion will be Phantom Liberty, Cyberpunk’s first (and apparently only) story expansion. This is expected sometime in 2023.

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