How The Wednesday Show on Netflix Will Evolve In The Addams Family Character

Netflix Wednesday Authors Alfred Gough and Miles Millar explain how the TV series will see the development of the titular Adams family. Wednesday is a horror comedy series set to premiere on Netflix on November 23, 2022. The series is the latest direct adaptation of a fictional terrible family created by cartoonist Charles Addams in 1939. Over the decades, the Adams family has seen many adaptations, including the television series The famous 1964 film series created by Barry Sonnenfeld. Recently, the Addams family received two computer animated adaptations, but Netflix Wednesday It is the first live adaptation in more than two decades.

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Directed by Tim Burton, Wednesday The daughter of the Adams family will follow as a high school student at Nevermore Academy. There, she must navigate teenage life and relationships, while also exploring her family’s history and psychic powers. Luis Guzman, Catherine Zeta-Jones and Isaac Ordonez will play Gomez, Morticia and Bogsley Adams, respectively. Last Wednesday, Christina Ricci, the Addams actress, will appear in an undisclosed role. However, viewers may not get the image they used to on Wednesday.

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In an interview with empire, Gough and Millar explain how Wednesday Adams would develop in the series, particularly when it came to her love life. Adams’ daughter is known for being completely devoid of feelings, but as she is separated from her family, their horrific lifestyle, and pushed into a boarding school, she will be challenged to form human relationships. As the series progresses, her loathing for feeling decreases a bit. Check out their statement below (via CBR):

Gough: Wednesday Adams is a prominent figure. We thought, “What if you make her 16 and take her out of the family and put her in a boarding school, so she has to start a new kind of family?” We wanted to put it in an environment that still feels like you’re in the world of the Addams family, but is very different.

Millar: The only thing that terrifies Wednesday is emotion. What fascinated us as writers is the exploration of a character who begins to be unable to have human contact and over the course of Season 1, moves that require one score. You see the world in black and white. Perhaps by the end of season one you see a touch of gray.

Wednesday is going to get even more emotional at the Adams family show

The idea of ​​Wednesday getting more exciting in the Netflix series is an interesting departure from previous edits. In both the animated and live-action versions, Wed has a signature unemotional expression that rarely leaves her face. While the slightest bit of emotion ran counter to her earlier images, it certainly makes sense that the coming-of-age story would be like Wednesday. Wednesday Not only is he recasting the Addams family, but trying to explore different scenarios, Wednesday and Bogsley will likely learn to adapt to the world outside their home as they grow.

Of course, Millar and Gough both assured viewers that Wednesday’s breakup would just be.”notch.“It’s not as if her personality is going to completely change. After all, one of the main attractions of the Adams family is the fact that they are a little different from the rest of society, but they don’t mind being a little off-putting. However, Wednesdays can certainly continue to enjoy their gothic nature.” and her love for all things horrific, while creating her own worldview that doesn’t quite align with her family’s. Wednesday It means that viewers are more likely to see a realistic and interesting development of the character as she begins to get older and really shape her identity.

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Source: Empire (via CBR)

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