How to beat the fire demon in Midgard’s tribes

In its third season, the Midgard Tribes brought The Inferno Saga. Naturally, this comes with Surtr’s sudden arrival to make the road to Ragnarok more difficult. As one of the decorated warriors of Valhalla, it would naturally be your duty to face this great and sinister Ancient One.

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As Surtr is supposed to play a big role in bringing Ragnarok, he is technically your “last boss” before endless winter forces you to escape to Bifrost. With such a huge role, it is clear that he will bring – ahem – the heat. Make sure to equip yourself as best you can to take down the fiery giant.

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10/10 Bring weapons with healing powers

Surtr attacks in many ways, very quickly and with a lot of damage. To say he’s a big boy is an understatement that can cost your party a lot of souls. Although you can dodge his attacks, it is not surprising that you go through your restorative potions like this.

If you’re about to die with no road stone ready to take you away, you’ll want to have another source of healing. Thus, it is best to bring weapons with special skills such as the Tree of Life or Bright Cray, which heal anyone in a radius.

You’ll find these special skills more often than not in stronger Lightning weapons.

9/10 party up

It’s entirely possible for Surtr to have the right tactics and some time off, but there’s no shame in bringing in a solid party to make the job easier. While the enemy’s strength expands based on the number of players in the world, their movements and tactics remain the same.

Even the ancients could end up way faster when there is more than einherjar present. The best party is the one that has er, because they have a huge range of support and healing abilities. They can drop healing seedlings in battle, reduce the temperature effects of allies in a radius, and revive helpless players more quickly.

8/10 Defeat Fenrir before facing Sert

Although you can encounter the ancients in any order, we recommend checking out Fenrir before heading to the Volcanic Spire. This is because Fenrir drops a unique rune when defeated. When equipped, it negates any loss of equipment durability, which means your weapons and equipment won’t break anymore.

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Since Surtr is a powerful enemy that requires more than a few flips and arrows, having indestructible weapons will give you a huge advantage. Not only will this save your resources, but it also means that you don’t have to break up the party or travel back and forth just to fix your stuff.

7/10 Wearing fire retardant equipment

Needless to say, Surtr, the guardian of Muspelheim and the demon of fire, will shoot you in many ways. You can bring fire-resistant potions if you wish, but the most effective way to do this is to wear fire-resistant equipment. This way, you can save your inventory slots for speed boosts, bombs, and health potions.

You’ll likely run into Surtr in the later stages of your run, so you should have been able to farm enough items to make the necessary equipment. There are a variety of powerful armor in Midgard, but you will need armor that specifically protects you from the heat. You won’t be completely immune to damage, but at least it will dampen the effects of the weather and won’t damage fire as much.

6/10 Equip Frost Weapons

The best way to fight Surtr is to use the opposite of his element, naturally. Frost weapons will deal him much more damage than any other weapon type. Obviously, you’ll also want to avoid using firearms against him.

You will find only axes and brackets saturated with frost abilities. If this isn’t the build you want, you can simply make more than one weapon that you can swap as you wish.

5/10 Get rid of the totem immediately

Surtr summons totems that will appear in the left and right pits. They send lava that will come to you constantly. You should not wait to get rid of these totems. You can go back to the big bad after you drop it.

They won’t appear constantly, but you’ll know they’re coming when lava appears in the main square. Due to the lava, you will need to use long range attacks to damage it without harming yourself.

4/10 Balance between attacks and combat

The best equipment will be one combat weapon and a bow. This way, you can easily switch up your tactics and change situations without having to sacrifice DPS. This allows you to keep moving and finding optimal points to attack no matter what moves Surtr uses.

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Some Surtr moves take up large portions of the arena, so there are moments when you get really close and take it personally and have plenty of time to hack and slash. When he’s making close range attacks with his hands or summoning fire to make the middle platform unusable, you’ll want to have a bow to keep hitting him from a safe distance.

3/10 Avoid digging

There are two pits in the square you can clearly see the relief. While this might sound as good as anywhere to hit him with long range attacks and dodge his blows, it will be filled with lava that quickly eats up your health points.

Even when he summons fire into the arena, avoid the temptation to seek refuge in the pits. With some bad timing, you could end up trapping yourself while lava or more circles of fire appear.

2/10 Learn his lightning attacks

The key to avoiding damage in this fight is movement and constant awareness. Surtr may be powerful, but his movements are highly telegraphic and not difficult to detect. When you know what to look for, you can get through the ring more easily.

When he waves his hands, he summons circles of fire. You can easily determine where the circles that appear on the ground will rain. He also has an attack where he starts to gather his fists in the middle. This will damage and catch anyone in the upper middle lane, and will shoot the line of fire down after they release their fist.

Surtr will also slam his grip on the ring, alternating between his hands. This knockout will also cause the fire to fall into that lane. Check which hand is free and hold the edge of the level, as this will be free to attack.

1/10 Watch for fatal blows as Surtr’s health drops

Once you get Surtr’s health past the halfway point, he’ll start to get lonely and add new attacks to his deck. When you have the nerve to kill them, god-like beings tend to retaliate with more aggressiveness. When will they learn?

However, there is no need to worry, as you can avoid these new attacks just as easily. First, watch out for sweeping him with a sword, which will hit both sides of the level. A quick dribble towards the middle of the arena will save your skin. The ball of fire pulsing from his chest is also a sign of moving away from the middle lane, as this will cause Surtr to shoot a steady stream of flame that leaves pools of fire lingering in his wake.

It will also summon more circles of fire which will cover more ground. With these, you just have to keep running until you reach the small empty space that is free of flames. His totems and tournaments will come in strong as well, but if you follow the tips above, Surtr will be cooked up in no time.

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