Ironheart Takes a Trip in the Black Panther: Wakanda Forever Trailer

Fans are not too far from entering the Kingdom of Wakanda again Black Panther: Wakanda Forever Gradually approaching its release. With the increase in promotion, we get a glimpse of some new heroes along with the old ones. The new trailer revealed by Marvel Studio gives us an in-depth look at anti-hero Namor, the Submariner as well as Riri Williams aka Iron Heart.

In the absence of her protector, Wakanda needs as many hands as possible on deck, and Dominic ThorneIron Hart’s member is the latest to join the list. In the new trailer, she can be seen assembling her iron suit as well as taking a ride in it as she excitedly shouts, “Let’s go,” and also go after some enemies on a busy road. In previous trailers, she was presented hammering metal in a very Tony Stark style echoing the very famous scene from the original. Robert Downey Jr.-Drove Iron Man The film and somehow her enthusiasm for taking a ride in the new trailer also resonates with Tony.

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Wakanda forever You’ll see Williams, an MIT student on a mission and succeed in making an iron suit that rivals Iron Man, and by the look of the trailer it appears her suit is also powered by an arc reactor. In more ways than one, she can be considered the spiritual successor to Iron Man. And given that she has her own suit, she can play an important role in the future Don Cheadle-Drove armor wars, which was recently turned into a movie. In the upcoming feature, we will see Iron Heart helping Shuri, M’Baku’ Okoye, and Queen Ramonda in their fight against Namor, Submariner and other forces to protect Wakanda after losing her king. The feature will delve into the culture and mythology of the Afro-futuristic kingdom as you face new opponents, forge a path forward and find the new Black Panther.

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Along with Williams, the film will see a comeback Angela Bassett Like Queen Ramonda, Letitia Wright like Shuri, Winston Duke Like M’Baku, Danny Gurira Like Okoye and Dora Milaje, Lupita Nyong’o pure, and Martin Freeman Like Everett Ross with Tenoc Huerta Namur, the king of Talukan. The movie is also from the stars Florence KasumbaAnd the Michaela CoyleAnd the maple cadina, And the Alex Levinali. Ryan Coogler Returns to directing and co-writing the feature with Joe Robert Cole.

Black Panther: Wakanda Forever Premieres November 11, meanwhile you can see photos of Riri Williams from the new trailer below:

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