Is Laenor Velaryon Dead or Alive? House of The Dragon Episode 7’s Ending Explained!

House of The Dragon’s Episode 7 revealed a massive twist on the final swing away from the Fire & Blood book. The ending left fans wondering if Laenor Velaryon is dead or still alive. Find out here as we explain the end of House of The Dead 7 episode.

The last episode mainly centered around Rhinera’s reunion with her uncle Demon as he told her, “We can’t get married unless Lenore dies.” We also see the whole family gathered to mourn the loss of Laena Velaryon as her funeral begins.

Did Lenore Villarion die in House of the Dragon’s Episode 7?

Rhaenyra wants to marry his father’s brother, his uncle Daemon. However, he is already married and the only condition for him to marry Rhaenyra is for Laenor to die. However, Rhaenyra had other plans as we see her conversation with Laenor.

During the conversation, Lenore admitted that he was not a good father to their children and promises to be a better husband in the future. Their conversation also revealed that the two were unable to have offspring despite trying and that Rhaenyra’s sons were in fact Ser Harwin’s children.

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Rhaenyra was already aware of Laenor’s sexual feelings before marriage, and thus, the two came to the understanding that they would find sexual pleasure elsewhere. Despite such high levels of freedom, Lenore’s death was written in the stars as per the book but the show took a turn.

How is Lenore Fellarion still alive?

Until the last scene, fans kept waiting for the murder of Lenore Villarion. However, the ending reveals that Lenore has survived Qar’s attack and is actually sailing with him. He has a shaved head now to hide his Valyrian heritage.

It is revealed that when Rhaenyra and Daemon talk, she tells him that she loves Laenor and Daemon allows her to give him kindness and set him free. The two then formulate a plan and recruit Qarl until Lenore’s death.

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We see Daemon approach Qarl and pay him gold and he says, “There are places across the narrow sea where a man’s name doesn’t matter, just how much gold he has.”

Then the missing pieces begin to fall back into their places as viewers realize that Lenore Villarion did not die and how he survived.

Why did Rhinera fake the death of Lenore Fellarion?

Rhaenyra and Daemon fake Laenor’s death using a wise plan including Ser Qarl, Laenor’s lover. The demon kills a guard, replaces his body with Laenor, and places Laenor’s shoes on the corpse before cremation.

Lenore and Carl could be seen fighting but their fight seemed a little off when we hear Carl say, “You always looked at me lightly.” We haven’t seen anything like this in any of the episodes yet.

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Rhineria faked Lenore’s death because of her tenderness and care for her husband. The Devil allowed her to bestow upon him the kindness by making him secretly leave the kingdom with his beloved Carl.

What happens to Lenore Fellarion in the book?

The ending of House of The Dragon Episode 7 deviates greatly from the Fire & Blood book. The book states that Lenore was killed by Sir Karl while he was on a fair in Spacetown. They are surrounded by witnesses as they quarrel and begin to fight with their swords.

The show shows them fighting with their swords but with different intentions. In the book, Carl is believed to have killed Lenore because he was jealous while many also believe Lenore was killed by order of the Devil.

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We’ll find out later why the producers decided to change the script away from the book. The final episode allowed many openings for the story to follow. It gets more and more exciting with each release.

House of the Dragon premieres new episodes weekly every Sunday on HBO and HBO Max at 9 PM ET / 6 PM PT.

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