Knicks’ Emmanuel Quikley reveals a goal for next season


Immanuel Quickley (R) has a lot to prove.

The New York Knicks season is approaching, and many players are spending this little time on improvements.

Basics like Jalen Brunson, RJ Barrett and Julius Randle will get the most attention, and there are many other players on the roster looking to improve.

For Emmanuel Quikley, he set out to achieve a simple goal for himself, but something that has eluded him during his brief NBA career.

speaking on October 1, Via New York Postthe rookie goalkeeper has said frankly that he wants to shoot more than 40 percent next season, which is not far from achieving.

Quickley wants to be more efficient

Shooting under 40 percent isn’t good in the NBA, and that’s something Quickly has I did two seasons straight now.

If he wants to see more minutes and become a bigger part of the team, he will need to increase those numbers, and that’s something he realizes. He told the media that he had improved his mid-range shot and was working on different finishing moves around the basket. He thinks these changes will be enough to get him off the hump.

“I think it would help my field goal percentage a lot,” he said via The Post. “Just being able to do everything when I’m on Earth is a versatile thing that I love for myself.”

Quickley is a nice piece to come off the bench with, but if he dreams of becoming a rookie one day, something that is now becoming more difficult in New York with the addition of Jalen Brunson, he will definitely need to step up. There were some fans last year asking him to start with Alec Burks, but coach Tom Tibodo never did.

Entering his third season, this could be a successful or brilliant year for Quickley, and he clearly still has many believers within the organization that he can turn into a strong sixth man.

Quikley College coach is a fan

Current Kentucky coach John Calipari stopped by Knicks coaching to see both Quickley and Derek Rose, two players he coached in college.

I had to stop and see my guard today! So proud of Derek Rose and Emmanuel Quikley,” He said. “Both great players and great teammates!! They make everyone around them better!!”

Like Quickley, Rose also has something to prove this season as he has spent most of the past year battling injuries. He was sorely missed, and Leon Rose went so far as to call him the heart and soul of the team.

While Rose played down those comments, he’s clearly an important part of the team and anyone in the league would love to have the former best player on their roster.

Rose and Quikley will both come off the bench together, and if they can have some kind of relationship, the Knicks have the makings of one of the league’s second best units.


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