Lions Defense, Offense Make Unique History of the NFL in 2022


Colby Parkinson’s stiff arms Malcolm Rodriguez in 2022.

The Detroit Lions are truly an unparalleled franchise in the NFL. Things we haven’t seen in decades or years routinely happen to them, and 2022 simply brought another anomaly to the team.

While the Lions have improved in attack and scored in a clip not seen anywhere else in the NFL, the team’s defense is also taking a heavy hit. In fact, attack and defense score and allow the same amount of points.

Detroit’s start to the season was shocking and made history. During the first four games, no team gave up as many points as the Lions on the field, which NFL Research noted.

The Lions averaged 35.0 PPG and allowed 35.3 PPG this season. Detroit’s total of 281 points + points allowed is the most points allowed by any team in the first 4 games of the season in NFL history,” the site chirp.

For years, Detroit’s offensive has struggled, so it stands to reason that once the team shows signs of being a juggernaut on this side of the ball, their defense completely falls apart. This is what it means to be a team fighting a potential curse.

If fans watching the games casually felt as if the Lions had the best attacking in the NFL but the worst defense, that’s exactly what the team has been playing so far this year. On par with the course in what has been a wild season.

Lions Defense played a miserable role in Week 4

In terms of the recent loss, it was a terrible loss for the Lions in defense. The team allowed an ugly 48 points, and Seattle didn’t shoot once in the game. Statistically, it was one of the worst matches the Lions had played in some time.

Detroit allowed 555 yards in the game, including 320 passing yards and 235 rushing yards. They wounded up to five total landings, including two Rashad Penny on the ground. Detroit didn’t generate any sacks, gave up nine initial conversions, and wasn’t able to generate any fast food minus an early penalty kick recovery.

Easily, this game will prove difficult to beat for statistically lions the rest of the year. The team will have to work hard to extricate themselves from the hole created by these dismal stats.

After the most frustrating display of defense in a long time, Dan Campbell wraps himself around Aaron Glenn and promises a deep dive into why his defense is suffering so badly. The team will need more than that to correct the recent mess.

Lions defense has shocking stats in 2022

For now, black offered very little resistance at the rear end or front end. The team has some shocking stats in terms of defense to start the year despite their 1-3 start average

Detroit ranks 30th in passing defense over four weeks of the season, giving an average of 279.3 yards per game. They’ve also allowed seven touchdowns this year, and a long catch is allowed for a total of 54 yards. The Lions are also ranked 30th in dash defense so far this season, allowing 165.5 yards per game and 10 terrible touchdowns.

In all, the Lions have given up 448 yards per game and are ranked 32nd in full defense having allowed a total of 1,779 yards so far, which is good for the last die in the league.

Of course, these numbers are a bit worrisome early on for Lions. They played one of the NFL’s best offenses in week one and were stopping play until they left a big game in the second half of week two and week three. The fourth week, they showed no resistance. As a result, there are a lot of numbers to worry about, which indicate the need for a turnaround.

Somehow the Lions have to find a way to be mediocre to bad on defense rather than being historically awful. If they find a way to do this, they may be able to turn their season around.

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