Sacheen Littlefeather dies at the age of 75

Native American actress Sacheen Littlefeather He passed away at the age of 75. Littlefeather, who starred in several films during the 1970s, was famous for her decline Marlon Brandoat the 1973 Academy Awards. She left behind a legacy of helping ensure that Native Americans are treated with respect in the film industry.

Littlefeather . was dead Advertise on Twitter by the Academy of Motion Pictures, in a post writing, “Sacheen Littlefeather, the Native American civil rights activist who declined the 1973 Academy Award for Best Actor for Marlon Brando, dies at 75.” The post was accompanied by a recent photo of Littlefeather and a quote from the late actress: “When I am gone, always remember that whenever I stand up for the truth, you will keep my voice and the voices of our nations and people alive. I am still Sacheen Littlefeather. Thank you.” The cause of death was not revealed.

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Little Feather was widely remembered for her speech during the 1973 Academy Awards, which Hollywood later included on the “blacklist”. On Brando’s behalf, Littlefeather declined the Academy Award for Best Actor for his work The Godfather. “It is very sad that he cannot accept this very generous award,” Little Feather said. “And the reasons for this are the film industry’s treatment of American Indians today … and on television in reruns of films, as well as with the recent events at Wounded Knee.” In a documentary released earlier this year, Sachin: Break the silenceLittlefeather revealed the consequences of her political statement. This was the first time anyone had made a political statement at the Oscars. It was the first Academy Awards ceremony to be broadcast by satellite around the world, which is why Marlon chose it. “I didn’t have an evening dress so Marlon asked me to wear suede,” Little Feather said. She added that the speech is in danger of being abbreviated as John Wayne In the wings [wanting] To storm the stage and drag [her] turning off.”

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The Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences issued an apology earlier this year. The “statement of reconciliationto Littlefeather in June of this year, acknowledging the “strong statement” she made in “acknowledging the misinformation and mistreatment of Native Americans by the film industry” and apologizing for the “unwarranted and unexplained” abuse it received because of it. The Academy continued its pledge to ensure.” Emergence of Indigenous voices – Indigenous storytellers – and visible and respected contributors to the global film industry.” In response to the apology, Littlefeather said, “In regards to the Academy’s apology to me, we Indians are very patient – ​​it has only been 50 years! We need to keep our sense of humor about this at all times. It’s our way of survival.”

Throughout the 1970s, Littlefeather appeared in many films including Shoot the sunset (1978), winter hook (1975), Johnny Firecloud (1975), Freebie and beans (1974), Trial of Billy Jack (1974), laughing policeman (1973) and Crime advisor (1973).

Littlefeather’s legacy as a voice of Native Americans will live on forever thanks to her courage, perseverance and patience. Our thoughts and prayers are with Littlefeather’s family and friends.

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