Steve Curry Blasts ESPN Predict Warriors Season


Steve Curry reacts to a play at a Golden State Warriors game.

After only months leading his team to a fourth title in the past eight seasons, Steve Curry has had no time to disrespect ESPN.

The Golden State Warriors star took to social media to share his reactions to the sports media giant’s predictions for a less-than-stellar season for the Warriors this season. A season preview predicted the Warriors would hover around the edge of the playoff arc, attracting a strong reaction from Curry.

Carrie’s reactions to Warriors’ predictions

With his team traveling to Japan for a pre-season show, Curry captured ESPN’s pre-season predictions for the NBA that made the Warriors drop all the way to the bottom of the playoff bracket.

Curry took note of the director’s eight-place prediction, reminding ESPN that he missed the Warriors in the final series of the 2021-22 season. The enforcer’s basketball strength index gave the Warriors only a 14 percent chance of beating the Boston Celtics in the NBA Finals, a task that Golden State accomplished in six games.

Curry has opened up about the significance of last season’s arrival to the NBA Finals, saying the title was the most special to him of the four he has now won with the Warriors. Talking to Ashley Nicole Moss from Sports IllustratedCarey said it holds extra importance to him given all the ordeals he and the team have endured.

“One, you don’t really know what you’re doing until you achieve it, and then you celebrate. The next two were kind of validating, trying to stay champions. But after these last three years and winning that year, definitely the most special,” Curry said.

Prior to last season, many counted Curry and the Warriors. The team sank into the NBA vault in the 2019-20 season, with Klay Thompson and Curry exiting the season with major injuries. Curry returned the following season and returned to MVP level caliber, but he was unable to take the Warriors out of the playoffs cycle.

But the Warriors made a strong comeback last season, winning 53 regular season games to finish third in the Western Conference, then marching through the playoffs. Carey said his emotions in the final seconds of Game 6 were an indication of how much that meant to him.

“You don’t find me crying ugly in court for no reason,” said Carey. “Those raw feelings that came out after the sixth game sort of indicated how much this means to me, and how much this means to our team.”

ESPN Analyst Explains Warriors’ Predictions

Even ESPN hasn’t shown much confidence in its own projection of Warriors this season. as such Bay Area Sports NBC Note that the predictions were based on a number of factors including recent history, which skews the prediction for the Warriors because it included the year without Carey and Thompson. When all numbers were crushed, he showed that the Warriors won 41.9 matches.

Kevin Bilton, who created the show, said he believes the Warriors will outlast his model, even though the team has lost some key players including Otto Porter Jr. and Gary Payton II.

“Despite these losses, I expect Golden State to outperform that expectation and return near the top of the West,” Bilton wrote.


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