The 10 Most Emmy Award-winning Original Shows, Ranked

The Primetime Emmy Awards are handed out annually by the Academy of Television Arts and Sciences in recognition of America’s best primetime television programming. And in 2013, Netflix It became the first streaming service to win a Primetime Emmy Award when house of paper He scored nine nominations and won three.

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Since then, Netflix has managed to accumulate 619 nominations, of which 135 are candidates to win. Netflix celebrated a remarkable year in 2020, setting the record for the most nominations by any network in a single year, with 160. Although Netflix has a variety of original shows on its platform, only a few are responsible For the bulk of her nominations, and still fewer who contributed to her many victories.

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“Making a Killer” (4 wins from 6 nominations)

This is followed by this true crime documentary series, filmed over ten years Stephen AveryD., who started a campaign against corrupt law enforcement upon his release, only to find himself accused of another crime. Avery and his nephew Brendan Dassi They were arrested for murder; Avery insists that he was framed by vengeful cops. The cops are incompetent at best. Corruption does not seem far-fetched. The case is full of turns, leaving viewers gasping for episode after episode.

Season 1 of making a killer It premiered in December 2015. It went on to win six nominations at the 68th Primetime Emmy Awards. The series has featured in a fantastic documentary series, as well as writing and editing images and directing non-fiction programming.

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‘Orange Is The New Black’ (4 wins out of 21 nominations)

Viewers discover the hidden depths of the minimally guarded women’s prison and all its eccentric inhabitants through the bewildered eyes of a white woman when Orange is the new black It debuted in July 2013. Over the course of seven seasons, Orange is the new black It has received 21 nominations, of which four have won.

Its first season was nominated for Outstanding Comedy Series, but a new rule the following year classifying half-hour shows as comedy and hour-long shows as drama meant the show had to change categories, becoming the first series to be nominated in both. Laverne Cox She received four nominations for Outstanding Actress, becoming the first transgender person to be nominated for an Emmy Award in the acting category. OITNB He eventually won Emmy Awards for acting and photo editing in 2014. Meanwhile, Uzo Aduba She received one in 2014 for Best Guest Actress, and another in 2015 for Outstanding Supporting Actress.

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“Ozark” (4 wins out of 45 nominations).

Ozark Husband and father see Marty Byrdie (Jason Bateman) uprooted his family from their Chicago home to move to the Missouri Ozarks. There, his work as a financial advisor is a front for his money laundering for Mexico’s second largest drug cartel.

The show’s host garnered 45 Emmy Award nominations and four wins. While Bateman won Outstanding Directing for a Dramatic Series, he co-starred Julia Garner She won three times for Outstanding Supporting Actress.

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“Squid Game” (6 wins out of 14 nominations)

squid game She took the world in an intriguing style of haves and have-nots, gathering hundreds of desperate men and women to play simple children’s games for a chance to win life-changing money. The odds are against them and loss means death – real death. Meanwhile, a group of wealthy VIPs secretly and ruthlessly bet on their success.

despite squid game He has only one season to his name, and he’s already had 14 Primetime Emmy Award nominations, and six big wins. She made history, becoming the first non-English language series to be nominated for Best Drama and Star Lee Jong Jae He became the first Asian actor to win a non-English role.

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“House Of Cards” (7 wins out of 56 nominations).

Season 1 of house of paper It dropped in February 2013 on Netflix as the streaming platform’s first self-produced series. This political drama centered on the immoral politician Francis Underwood (Kevin Spacey(while taking revenge on everyone he feels wronged – members of his cabinet, even the president himself – with the help of his manipulative and ambitious wife, Claire)Robin Wright).

When the first season received nine Emmy nominations, it became the first live online series to earn major awards, including nomination and winning the David Fincherdirection of the pilot loop.

“Black Mirror” (8 wins out of 14 nominations).

Science fiction series on Netflix black mirror It revived the anthology’s storytelling and captured viewers’ imaginations with its thoughtful take on a disturbing, and often dystopian near future, where humanity’s greatest achievement in science and technology has also been its downfall.

Since all of black mirrorIts episodes are stand-alone and part of an anthology, rather than a traditional series, Netflix has managed to dominate Emmy’s. The show has won the Outstanding TV Movie Award for three consecutive years for “San Junipero” in 2017, “USS Callister” in 2018, and again in 2019 for its interactive episode “Bandersnatch,” which allowed viewers to choose the protagonist of the story.

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“Queer Eye” (10 wins from 29 nominations).

The power of reality on Netflix Queer Eye Introduce viewers to the new Fab 5 in 2018: The Chef Anthony BorowskiFashion designer Tan FranceMental health champion Karamo Browngrooming expert Jonathan Van NessExtraordinary designer Bobby Burke. Together, these gay stars spend a week applying their expertise to someone in need.

Expanding on the original show, Netflix’s Queer Eye The reboot features a large group of LGBT pride and has spent time cautiously and deliberately raising the bar for underrepresented communities, including people of color. She swept the outstanding structural reality show Emmy for the five years he was eligible.

“Queen’s Gambit” (11 wins out of 18 nominations).

Anya Taylor Joy Beth Harmon plays in Queen’s gambitAn orphan overcomes adversity by mastering chess and conquering the world. Chess may come easily to her, but success and its trappings do not.

Queen’s gambit It was a stand-alone limited series, consisting of one season. However, this season has proven so popular and critically acclaimed that it single-handedly netted 18 Emmy Award nominations and garnered a whopping 11 wins, including Outstanding Limited or Anthology Series, becoming the premiere on the streaming service to do so.

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“Stranger Things” (12 wins out of 51 nominations).

Weird things It is an iconic and groundbreaking Netflix series since its debut in 2016. Circulating in horror and nostalgia, it began with the disappearance of a young boy and followed his mother, his friends, a local police chief, and a strange girl as forces joined forces to save him from supernatural doom.

With four critically acclaimed seasons under its belt, Weird things It may not be the type of programming that usually dominates at award ceremonies, but it has routinely received a nomination for Outstanding Drama Series and often gets an acting nomination for Millie Bobby Brown And the David Harbour. Weird things It tends to be more successful in the creative arts categories, ensuring wins in cast selection, title design, thematic music, faded formatting, and make-up, among others.

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“The Crown” (21 wins from 62 nominations).

the crown tell a story Queen Elizabeth II And the royal family since she was young. The cast has changed as the characters age, but the drama has remained top notch. While a fictional novel, the crown Keeps things historically accurate.

the crown It really is the crown jewel of the Netflix Awards, amassing 62 nominations and an astonishing 21 wins from Primetime Emmys alone. Among the acting wins, both Claire Foy And the Olivia Colman She also won Outstanding Actress in a Drama Series for their twin role of the Queen John Lithgow For his role as Winston Churchill, Tobias Menzies Like Prince Philip, Josh O’Connor Like Prince Charles, and Gillian Anderson Like Margaret Thatcher. Her awards have also been recognized in acting, period costumes, production design, and cinematography.

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