The best unsolved Buzzfeed episodes to watch while waiting for more ghost files

Buzzfeed Unsolved Perhaps one of the most beloved ghost hunting shows of the past decade. Gain racy followers on social media due to their unique style of dealing with ghosts and their straightforward approach to ghost hunting, Buzzfeed Unsolved It quickly elevated itself above being a simple web series. The thoughtful and comedic rendition of research and electrochemistry among skeptics Shane Madge and believer Ryan Bergara Transfer this offer to my darling online. The show was a huge hit on both of them supernatural And the real crime Variables but when the boys announced they were leaving Buzzfeed to start their own company, Watcher, with fellow Buzzfeed alum Stephen LimFans were devastated and had to say goodbye to the Ghoul Boys. Luckily for us, shortly after Ryan and Shane branched out, they announced a new ghost-hunting show under their own banner: ghost files. The new show takes the building blocks of Buzzfeed Unsolved and turns them into something that is now entirely for Ryan and Shane. It’s still the ghost hunting we know and love but it’s improved in many ways. With this exciting new chapter looming, there’s never been a better time than now to take a look back at some of the most iconic moments of… Buzzfeed Unsolved: Supernatural.

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Devil Goat Bridge

The impact of Goatman’s Bridge investigation cannot be overstated. It is one of the most watched episodes of the series Buzzfeed Unsolved And for good reason. Between the intrigue of a one-of-a-kind demonic creature and the myriad of ways the boys tried to provoke, this episode instantly established itself as a staple in the BFU lineup. This episode sees Ryan and Shane investigate the Old Alton Bridge in Denton, Texas. The boys tell us many rumors about the origins of the Goat Man while Shane tries to mock the creature over and over in his usual way, inviting him to dump it from the bridge to prove its existence. This is also the only episode where the boys try to use the Oujia board to (expectedly) dismal results. Goatman’s Bridge is considered by many fans Buzzfeed UnsolvedGreatest opus and with the number of extremely memorable moments contained in this single episode, it’s no wonder why. This episode sees Ryan’s first use of the Holy Water Pistol, with Shane claiming the bridge to Ryan and himself (which leads fans to change the actual Wikipedia page for the bridge), and Shane’s aforementioned aggressive verbal reprimand to the goatman who is eventually joined by Ryan. This episode is really unresolved At its best it is a great episode to revisit.

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3 terrifying cases of ghosts and demons

It might seem obvious putting the first episode with both Ryan and Shane on this list, but it can’t be overstated how much this episode informed about everything to come. This episode sees the boys on their first ride as a duo. They begin meeting future friend of the series Father Thomas to ask for advice before heading to three different haunted locations: The Winchester House in California, Haunted Doll Island in Mexico, and Sallie House in Kansas. Here we get to see the boys display their dynamics more vividly with Shane’s messing around and ghostly mocking for not showing up while Ryan breaks out in cold sweat at the slightest disturbance. This episode not only features some special locations, but also expertly shows Buzzfeed Unsolvedcleverness. This episode establishes the `MO’ series perfectly: presumably stalking what happens but with enough awareness and general crap on the part of the creators that you don’t get too excited.

Ghosts and Demons of Bobby Mackie

7 words. “Hey, there are demons, it’s me, boy.” No other sentence may have been uttered Buzzfeed Unsolved It pretty much sums up the ambiance. As an early addition to the show, this episode actually showcases the dynamic between Ryan’s panic-quick neuroticism contrasted with Shane’s hilarious disbelief. The boys explore a supposedly haunted tavern and explain its history with the mob. This episode showcases some of the weirdest Maglite as Shane asks demons to turn them on if they want to do them harm. All in all, this episode is a great example of what the show was in its early stages and really illustrates the sharp contrast between Shane’s apathetic disbelief and anxious conviction.

Haunted rooms at Waverly Hills Hospital

One of the deadliest places to visit, Waverly Hills Hospital has had a rich history and ramshackle aesthetics that really led to ghost hunting vibes. This episode provided some hilarious clues to the boys in the form of Ryan’s interactions with Timmy. The blue ball falling under the spray paint with “Ryan” written on it is one of the most unique and most compelling clues the boys have ever had. Compared to the random words uttered through a spirit chest, the noises and frightening events of Waverly Hills Hospital sound less like paranoid notes and more like something that could be real evidence. With the first episode of ghost files Bringing the boys back to Waverly Hills HospitalThis episode is worth visiting again just for comparison value alone.

Searching for the mysterious Ottoman

Cryptographic fishing rings were a rare treat Buzzfeed Unsolved And none of them sum up the experience quite like the Mothman episode. The Mothman investigation takes the boys to Point Pleasant, West Virginia where we first get an enchanting glimpse into the city and the traditions around Mothman before diving into history. With a plethora of firsthand accounts but a lack of photographic evidence, the boys are left to try and track down Mothman themselves. Shane comes up with a painful version of what he thinks Mottman looks like and uses it to yell at night. As usual, they haven’t found any substantial evidence, but this episode does a great job exploring the myths of the Mottman and showing the boys hunting skills at their best.

Devilish House Belair

The Bellaire House episode is special for several reasons but one of the most important is the inclusion of live accounts. We have had witness accounts before but this time we hear it directly from the mouth of the witness in the exact house where those events took place. This adds to a sense of credibility for both Shane and the audience because it’s certainly more compelling to hear the events from first-hand witness than through Ryan’s research. But apart from the different approaches to explaining the backstory of the house, they also get some unique (and funny) EVP. This is the house where the “Spaghetti. Apple Tatter.” EVP has been registered. The mixing of real ghosts and goofs in this episode is one of the best in the series and has spawned one of the longest running jokes in the community.

The Lost Souls of the USS Yorktown

A rare episode investigating a boat, the USS Yorktown provides a great example for some of the later episodes of the show. Ryan and Shane are at maximum performance as they both point out possible strange events but in return admit that the old boat makes a lot of weird noises. In this episode, we’ll get to know how well Ryan and Shane know each other’s ghost hunting operations as it cuts between Shane’s speculation about what Ryan is doing and Ryan actually doing exactly what Shane expects. Moments like this really explain why people love their dynamics so much. This is also an episode that doesn’t give much away by EVPs or other guides and shows how Buzzfeed Unsolved He tries to be honest while also being entertaining by not expanding his evidence or making baseless claims. Sometimes the locations don’t give them much by way of clues, and that’s part of the show’s appeal in some ways, showing ghost hunting not just as high suspense ghosts but instead often more mundane than we think.

Ghosts of Gettysburg at Farnsworth House Inn

The Gettysburg episode comes from the show’s final season, and it shows. We take a comprehensive look at the history of the house and its many residents that shows in miniature the amount of research that goes into all these episodes. Dressed in Civil War-era costumes and rambling about ghostly more than usual, Ryan and Shane take plenty of opportunities to immerse themselves in the Confederates, in particular, to try to elicit a supernatural response. as a late entry to Buzzfeed Unsolved Catalog, this episode really shows how Ryan has grown as a ghost hunter with multiple instances of him showing roughly Shane’s levels of suspiciousness to clues from Maglites or Spirit Box. Farnsworth House also features Ryan openly and playfully mocking ghosts, slandering them insane, in a way that makes Ryan shiver in season one. The episode really sums up how far the show has come in its content and how far the boys have come to be ghost hunters.

naturally, Buzzfeed Unsolved: A True Crime It has a large number of amazing episodes of DB Cooper to me Amelia Earhart To search for the treasure of Forest Finn. Since the new Watcher show focuses on the ghost hunting side of things, this list has focused on episodes of the same genre but both real crime And the supernatural Create some amazing content under a domain Buzzfeed Unsolved Signboard. And for fans who are looking for even more Content, Q&A episodes are worth checking out for additional information on their investigations. It’s clear that the Ghoul Boys have made their mark on the world of ghost hunting and with their new show entirely under their own control, we can’t help but hope to see more quirky and spooky ghost hunting content.

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