The Green Lantern can beat Superman with pure strength (not just tricks)

Among all the prominent members of the Justice League, compared to Superman or batman, green lantern It may be the most underrated. As far as strength levels are concerned, Green Lantern Corps is seen as powerful but is rarely written as belonging exactly to the same league as DC’s Trinity of Heroes, at least in terms of strength. Superman alone is often credited as one of the most powerful superheroes in DC, if not The The strongest depending on how it was written at a particular moment.

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In theory, anyone using the Green Lantern ring should be seen as having just as powerful, if not more, as their strongest peers in the Justice League. On paper, the power of the Green Lantern Power Ring is only limited by the worker’s imagination as the worker can conjure up anything they can think of. For example, when he suddenly unleashes evil tendencies like Parallax, Hal Jordan uses his ring to recreate a version of Coast City, including the explicit versions of its fallen residents. It is during this period that the disengaged Jordan – who has the full power of nearly everyone in the Green Lantern Corps – is able to show readers the full extent of the power of the Green Lantern Power Ring, particularly during the confrontation against Superman.

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in green lantern #64 By Ron Marz, Daryl Banks & Mark Bright After Hal confronts Kyle Rayner to get the Ring of Power back, the Justice League steps in. Surprisingly, Hal is able to get everyone out, most notably by hitting Superman with a bomb he made using his ring. Even though Hal Jordan is under the influence of Parallax and even though he uses almost the full force of his entire legion, this is enough to confirm that Green Lantern’s energy is enough to beat Superman on its own merits.

Don’t underestimate the power of the Green Lantern

Keep in mind that Superman has many weaknesses. Kryptonite, solar radiation, and to some extent magic. It’s powerful but indomitable, and there are ways to stop it. On the other hand, Hal Jordan didn’t need any of these means to beat Superman. Instead, he uses the pure power of the Green Lantern Corps, proving that the Green Lantern alone is strong enough to defeat Superman. As it turns out, an overlooked Justice League member may need a second evaluation from readers and critics.

But why do so many underestimate the Green Lantern, to begin with? Perhaps when readers see the Green Lantern use their imaginations to show more ridiculous combinations of the Power Ring, like a race car, for example, critics stop taking Green Lanterns seriously. However, here he creates a terrifying weapon of destruction to disembowel Superman, and it works. This proves that when a green lantern They use the full extent of their strength in a way that can be taken seriously, and they can believe in bringing down even the strongest of men like Superman.

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