The most advanced AI in Star Wars is trying to replace the Force

The ancient Sith cult created the advanced artificial intelligence known as Spark Eternal. Now, it’s free, and it’s trying to replace the power of Star Wars forever.

Warning: SPOILERS for Doctor Aphra #24!The mysterious and majestic allure of Power It is one of the distinguishing features of star Wars The franchise, but now uses a high-end artificial intelligence body Doctor to try to replace it. For thousands of generations, there was no force in the galaxy stronger than strength. Heroes protect its secrets at all costs, organizations such as the Empire and the Sith seek to use them to conquer the galaxy, but now a third party intends to usurp the Force as the most powerful weapon in the galaxy.

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Dr. Avra ​​has discovered a plot that will allow anyone to use technology that can simulate the effects of force. The cult of the dark side called the Ascension has long sought to replicate the power of the Sith And the Jedi, which led to the creation of an artificial intelligence called “Spark Eternal”. While the Sith cult of the ascension has been destroyed by this insult, Avra ​​has recently revealed her forgotten technology, and in her last adventure she finds herself possessed by the Spark and forced to do her thing.

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in Dr. Avra ​​#24, by Alyssa Wong, Minkyu Jung, and Rachel Rosenberg, spark-possessing Dr. Avra ​​learns about the true nature of Spark Eternal. Spark Eternal is not just an ordinary technology, it is an artificial intelligence technology “Unites our bodies and technology on an intuitive level.” There will no longer be a need to think about pulling the explosive trigger or commanding a star fighter, it may become so “Easy as breathing.” This is particularly concerning because Ascendant has also created the Gloves that simulate Force Telekinesis, the Thought Dowser that is capable of controlling the mind, and the Whips that destroy lightsabers. Dozens of characters in the Star Wars universe have captured the power of the Force at one time or another, but their strength and abilities with it have been limited by their will and connection to the Force. The galaxy will be united with technology through Spark Eternal Everyone To have a strong intuition at all times.

The rookie found a way to replace the force

Strength is the guardian of strength in star Wars the universe, and it always has been. Users of the light side of the force have long sought the teachings of force to spread peace and justice throughout the galaxy while users of the dark side have historically used force to seize power, using it destructively rather than defensively. By replacing Force with AI, star Wars It gives the entire galaxy the same power that has been fought over for thousands of centuries, but without the limitations of even basic proficiency.

If Spark Eternal gets what you want, Ascendant technology will replace Force in star Warsgalaxy. naturally, DoctorHis allies are working to prevent this from happening, but there’s no way to put this genie back in the bottle forever – with Spark Eternal, star Wars He asserted that it was possible for technology to overcome force in its own universe, making it only a matter of time until someone made that historic leap.

Dr. Avra ​​#24 Available now from Marvel Comics.

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