The Punisher’s rule is darker than everyone assumes

The Punisher vehemently refuses to kill police officers, but one moment shows that Frank Castle can do much worse than brutally murder someone.

It turns out that one the punisher Exceptions to his mission don’t come off as easily as previously thought. One tough moment shows that murder isn’t the only way Frank Castle knows how to carry out his sentence.

As one of the most terrifying characters in the Marvel Universe, Punisher stops at nothing to make criminals who bring death and terror to innocents pay the price. From street-level villains to powerful supervillains, Operation Frank Castle has wiped out a number of killers. However, while Castle is determined to stop every criminal he can do, there are limits to his work. The Punisher will not kill policemen, or other members of legitimate authority such as soldiers. Even when forces bent on killing him pursue him, Frank will not kill the police officers. The Punisher is, after all, a former Marine and a firm believer that the armed forces are one of the few things that can maintain law and order.

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However, Frank has definitely proven that just because there’s a line he won’t cross, it doesn’t mean that anyone is safe from it. So how exactly does the Punisher deal with overzealous cops and other trusted groups? The disturbingly brutal answer comes in the book by Tim Bradstreet and Garth Ennis Punisher Max #57. A group of soldiers is tasked with fetching the Punisher, and although Frank has already left many wounded, the group continues their mission. They track the Punisher to a building where the Ranger is already ready to disarm them. Soldiers breach Frank’s hideout, only to be confronted with head-on baseball bats and grenades. Although many soldiers end up with a ruptured eardrum, one suspects this was a case of the Punisher pulling his punches and trying Not to kill anyone.

Needless to say, despite being one of Marvel’s greatest killers, Punisher is able to effectively handle a very intense situation without any bloodshed at all. While some fans have argued that there is little hypocrisy to Frank Castle’s methods of being a judge, jury, and executioner, he remains remarkably consistent with his ruling not to kill policemen, soldiers, and the like. But Frank needs a way to deal with law enforcement if he is to remain committed to his mission, and his brutal, non-lethal methods may be his only option.

Frank knows he’s committing illegal acts as a vigilante and knows it’s the peacekeepers’ job to stop the Punisher. But Frank can’t, or likely won’t, stop his endless war to eradicate crime, so bumping into law enforcement is bound to happen from time to time. Frank needs a way to deal with cops or soldiers in a way that acts as a deterrent, but won’t punish people just for doing their jobs. This is probably not the most effective system, but it prevents the punisher From crossing the only line he set for himself.

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