Top 10 characters from horror movies, shows and games

From Michael Myers to Sidney Prescott to Eleven, horror films and shows have been the home of iconic characters for decades. And often, amid all the slashing, stabbing, and paranormal powers, these horrors will feature an odd character.

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unlike LGBTQ slasher h/them And almost every queer character on the walking Dead Where they seem to continue the “Kill the Gays” metaphor, some horror movies and shows allow their offbeat characters to shine.

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Jake Wheeler (Chucky)

SyFy’s chucky The series combines the horror of the killer Chucky era with one of the sweetest offbeat love stories currently on TV.

At first, Jake Wheeler was ostracized for being gay and possessing the creepy Good Guy doll, but throughout the first season, Jake slowly starts accepting because of his exact identity, finding a friend and love interest in fellow Devon.

Sam and Dina (“Street of Fear”)

is similar to chucky Netflix Fear Street The series has kept its quirky characters front and center with the relationship between the show’s frontrunners Sam and Dina.

Instead of following in the footsteps of the many strange characters in the pieces before them, Sam and Dina escaped the series’ serial killer, as well as their love for each other.

Will Byers (“Stranger Things”)

Will Byers was a popular character on Weird things From season one when he disappeared in the Upside Down, all the way to season four when this character’s sexuality began to be at the forefront of her story.

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While fans have speculated about Will crushing his best friend Mike for a while, that was totally confirmed in Season 4 with this heartwarming and heartbreaking scene between Will and Mike in the back of the truck when Will shows his own feelings to Mike and Eleven. Link.

Glenn/Glinda (“Chucky’s Seed,” chucky)

chucky seeds That was when the franchise went into acting with baby doll Chucky and Tiffany’s adopted Glenn/Glinda, who was basically one of the first non-binary icons in entertainment.

Because they couldn’t tell the doll’s gender, Chucky named their baby Glenn while Tiffany named their baby Glinda, who eventually named him both. In the second season of Syfy’s chuckyThe characters will be played by a non-binary actor Lachlan Watson, Who previously played the transgender character Theo Putnam on NetflixThe Chilling Adventures of Sabrina.

Mitch Down (Paranorman)

Back in 2012, it wasn’t uncommon to find a lot of LGBTQ representation in movies, let alone a children’s movie. But a family-friendly horror comedy Paranorman Breaking the mold with queer animated representation long ago steven universe or onwards.

The movie may not be on the cutting edge of the movie, but gorgeous actor Mitch Down looks overtly gay in one scene where he says, “You’re going to love my boyfriend. He’s like the whole chick nut!” While this is the only indication of the character’s sexuality, the scene was a groundbreaking moment for animation with the first openly gay character in the genre.

Theo (‘The Haunting of Hill House’)

Theodora Crain, also known as Theo, is a major character in the horror novel The Haunting of Hill House by Shirley Jackson In addition to film adaptations in 1963 and 1999, and in each version of the story, Theo is believed to be a lesbian.

But for the 2018 Netflix series chase hill house, Theo’s sexuality is illustrated by her growing relationship with Trish, which ends with the wedding episodes in the series finale.

Lestat and Louis (Interview with the Vampire)

Who needs Bella and Edward when you have Lestat and Louis? In 1994 Gothic Horror interview with vampire, Tom Cruise And the Brad Pitt Two vampires played with an underlying romance.

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While the movie brilliantly maintained the relationship of characters such as Anne Rice novel based on, AMC’s The new TV adaptation has come out proud of its quirky style on Lestat and Louis.

Ellie (“The Last Of Us”)

It wasn’t until expanded naughty dog the last of us Video game The sexuality of the main character Ellie has been called into question. in The last of us left behind, Ellie shares several romantic moments with her friend Riley before confirming her homosexuality Our last part 2 her relationship with Dina.

When the last of us The series was shown for the first time HBOIn 2023, she will play Ellie Bella Ramsey The show promised to stay loyal to the game and keep Ellie’s character as a lesbian.

Frank N Furter (“The Rocky Horror Picture Show”)

There seems to be no closet in sight for who has become the greatest alien icon in horror: Frank N. Furter, who plays it Tim Carrey in 1975 View pictures of rocky horror.

While his sexuality is never determined, it is revealed that Dr. Frank N. Furter is in every sense of the word a conspiracy to create the perfect man to serve all his sexual and fatal desires.

Basically every character (‘Hellbent’)

While sure determination Might kill most of its gay characters, it also happened to be the first trimmed movie starring gay characters and to receive a theatrical release in the United States with its 2004 premiere.

Eddie is openly gay leads the movie with his group of LGBTQ friends who are haunted by a killer on Halloween night, and while a villain named Devil Mask may not be at the top of the list of notable killers, he may be the first to be an eccentric.

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