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Content Warning: The following article contains spoilers for NBC’s La Brea.

The ongoing second season of the sci-fi drama series on NBC. no pria, asks more questions than answers about the events of the show that are closely related to time travel. It also gives fans more moments with their favorite characters, who will sometimes say some memorable lines.

From Tai’s wise words about equality to Levi’s predictable acknowledgment of lingering sentiments, the series’ best quotes to date often reflect the characters’ personalities, key events, and unresolved issues among the survivors. As fans eagerly await the next episodes to reveal more about the challenging situations of the main characters, this is the best time to delve into some of the strongest lines from the show yet.

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“You are more important than anyone else here?”

Ty Coleman

All it takes for borehole survivors is a few days to start arguing about who is responsible and how they should ration their food. When a particularly annoying character begins talking about a “juice cleanse” before the fall to 10,000 B.C., Tai happily steps in to bring the situation under control.

According to the annoying survivor, he needs more food in his system due to the juice cleanse, which raises a thought-provoking question from Ty that leaves him speechless. Their insightful argument is, unfortunately, in vain, as a giant ground sloth quickly devours their entire stock.

“If we are right and you do nothing, people will die.”

Gavin Harris

Gavin had to spend the better of a decade doubting his sanity and believing that something was wrong with him. The La Brea stream allowed him to rediscover that he had lost faith in himself, as he finally knew he meant to help resolve the situation and somehow save the survivors.

However, this does not mean that there are no detractors. It’s hard for anyone in government to fully realize, let alone believe, what Gavin is saying. It takes too long to convince them that there is a pit that could put the lives of innocent victims at risk, with Gavin’s latest threat of how “people will die” finally prompting the government to take action.

“My destiny is there, but you are here.”

Rebecca Aldridge

The mysterious Dr. Rebecca Aldridge is considered one of the smartest characters in the series, as she clearly knows more than she initially let her in. Unfortunately, she does not take the time to explain the whole picture to others, although she is clearly able to do so.

There are many frustrating moments for Aldridge saying vague things that turn out to be true, one of which is said to Gavin just before she jumps off the plane. Only later did her words about Gavin’s “fate” begin to make sense, as Isaiah’s revelations fit perfectly with Aldrige’s statement.

“We were going to bury our sons in the ground.”

Marybeth Hill

After Diane’s tragic death, Eve understandably feels guilty and questions her part in what happened. Marybeth’s attempts to console her have little success, as he tells the policeman on Eve that “none of them” “wanted this to happen” before following him up with a more aggressive statement – “I shot first.”

Marybeth is familiar with feeling persecuted for doing the right thing, because that’s what she was dealing with when it came to her son. The safety of her son is most important to her, so she is just trying to help Eve know she made the right decision despite how terrible the consequences are.

“I’m not even sure I believe it myself.”

Gavin Harris

After finding his wife’s ring buried in the dirt he saw in his visions, Gavin has all the evidence he needs to convince the government and his daughter Izzy that he doesn’t just see meaningless things. It’s still hard to explain what all of that could mean for Izzy, though Gavin himself admits he knows “what it feels like.”

He and Izzy have to hold on to the wild possibility that Eve and Josh are somehow alive in 10,000 BC, and it’s up to them to save them. Others in the government wouldn’t be so easily persuaded, as they both soon found out.

“These are the people we need to save, Dad.”

Izzy Harris

It is not only the survivors stuck in 10,000 B.C. who must be brave, scholars and ordinary citizens like Izzy and Gavin have to be brave to achieve their goals too. One moment that inspires Izzy to hold onto the braver side of her character occurs when she attends a vigil.

At the vigil, there is a board filled with photographs of the drilling victims that should be familiar to the audience. It is disconcerting that Izzy realizes that all the people who attended the event have no idea that their loved ones are still alive, a fact that only motivates her in her determination to “rescue” them along with her father.

“I don’t know, I don’t know. There’s just something about him.”

Eve Harris

The Harris family drama is a central storyline in the show that takes a bizarre turn when Aldridge tells Eve and Josh that Isaiah is actually Gavin. Josh was initially hesitant to accept this, telling Eve that she “doesn’t really believe her”, right?

Eve’s response about having “something about” Isaiah, “like his eyes and his smile,” is more than enough for Josh to reconsider the Aldridge announcement. When backed up by more arguments about how Gavin never had “any memories from his childhood,” it becomes impossible to refute that Isaiah and Gavin are the same thing.

“I never took you as someone who was afraid of anything.”

Josh Harris

An unexpected romance blossoms between Josh and Riley, but admittedly it has taken some strange turns, especially after they got hung up in the ’80s. No matter how bad the situation is, Josh feels fine as long as he’s right next to Riley – obviously the same can’t be said of her feelings.

An unforgettable moment happens between the two when Josh Riley mentions that she’s bolder than you think. He tells her he knows she’s not “afraid of anything,” which inspires Riley to come up with a brilliant idea that helps the duo enter Barra’s camp.

“Your family is still there.”

Ty Coleman

time travel side no pria It gets more complicated with each new episode, with a baffling aspect focusing on Veronica and Lily’s pasts and the show’s ultimate fates. A twist shows that Veronica has also been kidnapped, something the survivors might have never learned if it weren’t for Ty’s insistence on searching for her and helping her.

Tai’s touching words about how her family probably didn’t “give hope of seeing her” seemed to work at first. Veronica quickly cements herself as one of the series’ least liked characters when she turns around and hurts Ty, though.

“These feelings never change.”

Levi Delgado

When Diane tells Levi how nervous she was to see her partner Sophia, once again, Levi comforts her with his own experience. His well-written lines at that moment are like a confession of his enduring love for Eve, where he says “it doesn’t matter how long” a person has been “far from the person” he “loves”, as “those feelings never change.”

It’s referring to his decision to move away from Eve for the sake of his friendship with Gavin and his children. Even though he’s been in Berlin for years, it seems like he’s still just as smitten with Eve as he was on their way back when they were having an affair. This love is proven by the way he risks his life to dive into a hole to save her.

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