Wakanda Forever Iron Heart: Who is the Woman in Iron Man’s Armor?

Black Panther: Wakanda Forever Received another teaser and boy does it reveal a lot! It shows one of the Ironheart’s most important moments as it puts on its Iron Man-style suit. For those unfamiliar with Riri Williams, this guide is here to help fill in the gaps.

Who is the woman wearing Iron Man armor in the Wakanda Forever trailer?

Wakanda Forever Iron Heart

Ironheart Riri Williams is the woman seen in Iron Man’s armor in the Wakanda Forever trailer.

Known in the comics as an Iron Man-inspired hero, Ironheart fights to continue what Tony Stark started. Furthermore, in the comics, an AI duplicate of Tony Stark helps guide Rare to make her suit. Maybe we’ll see a cameo of a Robert Downey Jr. remake!

Will Iron Man Tony Stark be in Wakanda forever?

Iron Man, or at least Tony Stark, could be in Wakanda forever.

With an AI based on Tony Stark providing support for Riri in the comics, there’s definitely a chance that the fan-favorite hero of Wakanda Forever will return. While nothing has been officially confirmed, it’s easy to see how Robert Downey Jr could emerge.

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