Was Abraham Lincoln Gay or a couple? Why does Bros suggest it was

two brothers It is suggested several times that Abraham Lincoln, was either gay or bisexual. In the film, Billy Eichner’s character, Bobby, proposes adding the Abraham Lincoln Gallery to the LGBTQ+ History Museum where he works. And despite the objections of one of his colleagues, the idea had already been chosen for development. But whether the 16th president of the United States was LGBTQ+ — not to mention the first gay or bisexual American president — is up for debate.

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Supporters of Abraham Lincoln’s status as a gay or bisexual man, including two brothersThe main character states that he was in a relationship with his old friend and business partner Joshua Fry Speed ​​when both men were considered single. The evidence, which has been widely criticized, includes supposedly intimate messages shared by the two and the fact that Lincoln and Speed ​​shared a bed for the four years they lived together.

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Guide against However, Abraham Lincoln being gay or bisexual is more compelling. Historians point out that at that time, two men sharing a bed did not have the same sexual connotations that they would now. Instead, it was standard practice, especially for people who couldn’t afford a second bed. Lincoln, who was married to his wife for 23 years until his assassination, also did not try to separate himself from Joshua Fry Speed ​​when he ran for president. No dissident ever indicated that he was gay, which would have been politically devastating at the time.

Lincoln may not be LGBTQ+ but he probably is one of the presidents

Abraham Lincoln’s predecessor as president, James Buchanan, was in all likelihood a gay man, but introverted. Buchanan, who served one term in the White House, from 1857 to 1861, and the daughter of a wealthy ironworker, Anne Caroline Coleman, met in 1818. By the time of their engagement the following year, rumors circulated that Buchanan was marrying Coleman solely for her family’s money , due to the limited time the couple spends together. Coleman broke off their engagement and died suddenly shortly after their separation in December 1819. After her death, Buchanan never courted another woman—his niece, Harriet Lane, served as first lady during his presidency.

President Buchanan’s status, as a lifelong celibate, prompted suggestions that he was gay. Buchanan was romantically linked to the 13th Vice President, William Rufus King, and is said to have called him pet names, such as “Miss Nancy” and even “Wife.” They also attended social events together between 1834 and 1844. It has been suggested that the two men wrote intimate letters to each other, which were destroyed by their nieces. despite two brothers Suggesting that Abraham Lincoln could have been the first LGBTQ+ president in US history, James Buchanan was, probably, the first gay president of the USA. Probably two brothers A sequel could address those historical gossip.

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