You can’t escape from your destiny

Editor’s Note: Below contains spoilers for Rick and Morty Season 6, Episode 5.

Last week we had to deal with the existential horror of losing control of your body. Currently, Rick and MortySeason 6, Episode 5, “Final DeSmithation,” casts a shadow over the beloved horror franchise inevitable fate. However, instead of trying to change their fate and avoid death, in “The Final DeSmithation”, Jerry (voiced by Chris Parnell) faces an even more brutal horror, as fate wants him to have sex with his mother. Who knew that Season 6 would make so many incest jokes?

Although “Final DeSmithation” doesn’t push the law forward, the episode still explores the relationship between Jerry and Rick (voiced by Justin Roiland), where the scientist must choose between stealing an alien who can control fate or preventing his son-in-law from having a traumatic sexual experience. Yes, this episode has some weird things going on, but before we get there, let’s move on to the Panda Express.

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The episode begins on the Panda Express, where the Smiths are having a nice family dinner while Jerry tries to appear culturally respectful and makes a racist comment. At the end of the meal, everyone in the Smith family eats a fortune cookie, and receives a random and disappointing sheet of paper with sayings like “Time spent with family is time well spent.” The only exception is Jerry, whose luck determines that he will have sex with his mother.

Nobody in the Smith family believes these fortunes are real, but Jerry begins to feel paranoid and avoids his mother. Meanwhile, summer (voiced by Spencer Grammer) and Morty (voiced by Roiland) do their best to torture their father, sending photoshopped pictures of topless models with Jerry’s mother’s face attached to them or locking Jerry in the closet with a doll from his mother. Finally, Jerry takes pity on his son-in-law, and convinces his family that Jerry’s fate has really been messed up.

Rick and Jerry stay at home while Bates stays (voiced by Sarah ChalkTake Morty and Summer to the zoo. Jerry is relieved to know he was right, but Rick quickly bursts his bubble and reveals that he was lying to save Jerry some pain. We’ve come a long way since Rick pretended to hate Jerry, and while the world is still stubborn and self-centered, Rick can’t help but show some signs of affection from time to time, even towards Jerry.

Once the family leaves for the zoo, Rick uses a probability scanner to prove that the fortune cookie has no power. Surprisingly, Rick discovers that Jerry has an infinite possibility of having sex with his mother. Jerry’s fate is to commit incest, and his fate is so inevitable that he is practically immortal until his fortune is realized. Not even a bullet can hurt Jerry before he has sex with his mother, prompting Rick to use him as a human shield through “Ultimate DeSmithation.”

Jerry wants to get rid of his fate. Rick wants to find the source of this amazing power and take it for himself. Therefore, the two men unite to investigate their powerful cookies. Their first stop is the Panda Express, where they are greeted by a gang of armed goons. Rick plays his favorite song, the soft flute tone that makes the action-packed standoff feel even more epic, and uses two laser guns to smash the gang. At the time, Rick was sure that cookie of fortune was part of some plan to get into the world. But, as it turns out, the gang only uses the Panda Express restaurant as a base for their methamphetamine sales. The fortune cookies come from a third-party company, Fortune 500, which supplies all Chinese restaurants with the fortune cookies. Rick makes peace with the drug cartel, apologizes for killing so many goons, and takes a Fortune 500 truck to infiltrate the company with Jerry.

Lucky Break (inside)

Once they reach the Fortune 500 garage, it’s clear that the place is protecting some dark secrets. The building has retina scanners even on traffic truckers, and cameras are hidden everywhere. Since it would be suspicious to remove several cameras at once, Rick decided that they should disguise themselves as businessmen. Sneaking around the Fortune 500, Rick and Jerry meet the woman in charge, Jennith Padrow-Chunt, a white businesswoman with the personality of a cruel cult leader — and we all know those who make fun of him by that name, right? Geneth single-handedly raises the Fortune 500 from the ground up and now sells billionaire cards to people wanting to join her inner circle and uncover the truth about her luck.

Rick and Jerry continue to investigate the Fortune 500 until they discover the origins of the fortune cookie power in their basement. The Fortune 500 has enslaved chaos-feeding aliens. This Lockerean has a digestive problem that causes his stomach to clear out the chaos, resulting in a special kind of energy that bends entropy to force specific outcomes to occur. The creature is bound downstairs, with only Hill Billy to look after him.

Presenting himself, Old M. Huckabee explains the Fortune 500 plan. The company pushes massive amounts of worthless fortunes into the marketplace to increase the value of specialty cookies. These special cookies give wealth, power, and fame to Jennith and her followers, ensuring the expansion of her empire. However, Old M. fell in love with the creature and began to hide strange fortunes among the worthless ones in the hope that someone would find them. With the help of Rick and Jerry, Old M hopes to get the monster out of confinement and marry him. However, Rick has other plans, as controlling the alien will give him god-like powers. As for Jerry, he just wants to find a way to escape his fate because his mother is coming to visit him after he is worried that her son is missing some of her calls.

Just as they prepare to escape, Jenith comes to the alien prison with an army of security personnel and Jerry’s mother. Jerry tries to escape, while fate takes off his pants, rips his mother’s clothes, and even decorates the poor woman. Meanwhile, Rick fights against vigilantes backed by crazy cookies capable of giving them supernatural abilities. To respond, Rick chews up a bunch of random cookies, hoping to get at least something he can use.

The conflict ends once Rick discovers Jenneth is immortal so she can become the most successful businesswoman ever. So, he takes money from Goldman Sachs financing company, uses it to buy Fortune 500 assets, turns Jennith into the most successful businesswoman ever, and then wipes all of her accounts. Furious, Jennith uses cookies to become a blob-like monster. Rick liberates the Lockerean ship, and the creatures swallow up Jeneth and Old M. But the danger is far from over, because while trying to escape from his mother, Jeff accidentally detonates one capsule of chaos, causing a black hole.

Rick grabs the locker and prevents it from sinking into the black hole. However, Jerry’s mother is sucked close to her and one of her legs is trapped in the rubble. Jerry’s mother is naked, her legs open to the right, in front of the black hole vortex. So, of course, Jerry will suck from his mom. At the last possible second, he lets Rick go from Lockerean and uses a blank cookie to write a new fate for Jerry, one that does not involve incest. Rick throws a cookie in Jerry’s mouth, preventing him from committing incest. So, at the moment of truth, he replaced Rick with unlimited power for Jerry’s welfare.

When they get home, Jerry thanks Rick and calls him a friend. Unfortunately, Rick is still under the influence of the cookie of fortune who said he’s about to get a new boyfriend. So while Rick was bearable while he was able to keep pushing people away, Jerry’s gratitude squandered Rick’s immortality. It’s a fun note to end the episode, as it shows how Jerry always destroys everything by accident, and Rick has to face the consequences of having a family he cares about. Season 6 is all about family, and Rick learns to deal with feelings he can no longer deny. Episode 5 does a great job of showing how important Jerry is in Rick’s life.

Lost and Found Dimensions

  • White tigers are actually the product of inbreeding, as all members of the captive-bred species in the United States are descended from the same male. That’s a lot of information to get rid of on Jerry, especially to make fun of his cookie emergency.
  • “The Final DeSmithation” reveals that Jerry lost his reflex due to Sleepy Gary. Sleepy Gag, for those in need of refreshment, is the phantom lover of Jerry, a creature by an alien parasite capable of altering memories in Season 2, Episode 4, “Total Recall.” Their love was an illusion, but oral sex was real.
  • Rick uses file Thunder catHe appointed Thundera to change his clothes into a businessman. Jerry gets sailor moonAn inspiring change of clothes that turns him into Rick’s assistant. What anime will the series copy next?
  • One of the strange cookies that Old M. used to cry for help appears to be to blame for COVID, as he said, “Please come and help me or else the virus will shut down the world.”
  • Margaret Howe Lovat He was a NASA researcher who had sexual encounters with a dolphin, but the animals are not able to consent, which means their interactions are considered assault. The situation is not much different from Old M. and the alien he is supposed to love. It is impressive how far Rick and Morty He is willing to just go to make their sexual jokes uncomfortable with obscure real world references.
  • One of the random cookies Rick chews says that his “crush” will call him soon. Could this herald another episode of Season 6? It would be great to see the unit come back, or maybe you get to know another stranger that Rick had a relationship with.

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