Advanced Warfare 2 is said to be the next Call of Duty from Sledgehammer games

One of the most underrated Call of Duty games seems to be getting a sequel.

Sledgehammer Games, one of the three leading studios in the development rotation of Call of Duty, is said to be working on a sequel to Advanced Warfare, one of the most controversial games in the series.

While most Call of Duty games tend to mingle a bit with the fan base, Advanced Warfare was received almost negatively upon its release, marking the end of Call of Duty adventures in future settings and causing the next few games to focus on ‘boots on the ground’. “. In recent years, it has been remembered as one of the best Call of Duty campaigns out there, but its relative unpopularity at launch made it unlikely that it would ever get a sequel.

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This appears not to be the case, however. As reported by trusted Call of Duty Insider RalphsValve for WhatIfGamingThe next game coming from Sledgehammer is Advanced Warfare 2, something the team has been wanting to do since the launch of Call of Duty: Vanguard. According to the post on WhatIfGaming, Sledgehammer has been tasked with having something conceptually ready for executives to give the green light after Vanguard’s lukewarm reception.

Interestingly enough, Sledgehammer Games reportedly wanted to make a sequel to Call of Duty: Vanguard, as the studio’s narrative team had more stories to tell with the game’s cast of characters, and they even wanted to make “several sequels” at once. However, as noted above, Vanguard was not received favorably by most Call of Duty players, so these ideas were scrapped, which led to the team’s regression to Advanced Warfare 2.

Although the report appears to confirm that Advanced Warfare 2 is the next game from Sledgehammer, it doesn’t reveal many details about the game, except that it is currently slated for a release in 2025, a year after any next game from Treyarch. The report notes that it may be linked to Warzone 2.0, with some future elements added to the map and to the game based on Advanced Warfare, but that may only be speculation.

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