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In 2022, actor Kevin Dillon’s net worth is $12 million. Kevin Dillon is a very well known actor in the United States. He has done a great job in a lot of movies and TV shows. Dillon is known for how good she is at acting and the number of things she can do. He is quite consistent in the way he behaves, and this has helped him get good reviews.

Kevin Dillon is best known for his roles in movies like Platoon, The Rescue, Immediate Family, The Pathfinder and many more. Kevin Dillon is also very popular on television, having participated in successful shows such as “That Life”, “Entourage”, “How to Be a Gentleman” and much more. It is well known due to the Entourage Show, which has been a huge hit all over the world. Check the value of Will Smith.

Enter Kevin Dillon

Kevin Dillon is a very famous person who has earned a lot of serious praise over the course of his career. He is an actor who has done a very good job in American entertainment. He has been in many films and has done many great things. Dillon’s first role was in 1983, when he was very young and just getting started. Later on, he got better in acting and started working on TV too. Kevin Dillon has a net worth of $12 million at the moment, which is a huge amount.

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Kevin Dillon’s origins

Home: Kevin Dillon is an American celebrity whose acting skills are known all over the world. He has worked all his life in American entertainment. He lives in New York where he was born. He also owns a house in Beverly Hills, where he lives most of the time.

Kevin Dillon has a garage full of cars, and he has a lot of them. People know he loves cars a lot. He has a very nice Range Rover, a Tesla Model S, an Audi Q7, and a few other cars. Read about the value of Drake.

Kevin Dillon’s life story

Kevin Brady Dillon was born on the 19th of August 1965 in New Rochelle, New York City, United States. Kevin and his parents and siblings used to live in New York, where he grew up. His mother was a homemaker, and his father worked as a portrait painter, sales manager, and golf coach. Kevin comes from a large family. He has four brothers and a sister. Matt Dillon, who is also a very well-known actor, is his brother.

Kevin went to high school in Mamaroneck, where he also grew up. Kevin has always been interested in acting. His paternal grandmother was the sister of the famous comedian Alex Raymond. In 1983, when he was only 18 years old, Kevin started acting professionally. Later, he reached many important points in his career. Kevin’s personal life is also going well. Although he recently separated from his wife Jane Stewart. He also has two children.

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Career History of Kevin Dillon with Honors

Kevin Dillon has been in film and television since 1983. In 1983, the TV movie No Big Deal gave him his first major part. He also did Takes from the Crypt from the show. Heaven Help Us was Dillon’s first role on the big screen, and he did a great job in it. In 1985, the movie came out, and Ed Rooney did well. Later on, he did some very successful movies, like Platoon, Remote Control, The Rescue, Immediate Family and many more.

Prior to the 1990s, he made a lot of films that did well. For his roles in The Rescue and Immediate Family, he was also nominated for a Young Artist Award. When he wasn’t making movies, he was appearing on TV shows which are doing well with critics. From 2000 to 2002, he was on the TV show That Life, which made him a huge star. Later on, he got a role in Entourage, which is his best work so far. He got a lot of nominations for the show, but he didn’t win any of them.


Kevin Dillon went to Mamaroneck High School when he was younger and learned a lot there. There he also went to and graduated from high school. Later, he became an actor and went on to do great things in this field. Soon he became a star, after which he became known throughout the world.

Kevin Dillon has had a very successful career, and it is still going well. He’s worked in entertainment in the United States for the past 40 years, which shows how long he’s been around. He’s a great actor who can do so many different things. Given how well he’s always done well, he’s in a league of his own. He also has a lot of fans, which gives him the motivation to keep going. You may also be interested in Victoria Pedretti Net Worth.

How much does Kevin Dillon have in the bank?

The total net worth of Kevin Dillon is around $12 million.

What is the age of Kevin Dillon?

Now Kevin Dillon is 57 years old (August 19, 1965).

How Much Does Kevin Dillon Make?

Kevin Dillon is believed to earn over a million dollars annually.

What is the height of Kevin Dillon?

Kevin Dillon’s height is 1.75 meters.

Who is Kevin Dillon’s wife and what is her name?

Kevin Dillon is now single again.

early years

Dillon was born in New Rochelle, New York, and raised in the nearby town of Mamaronic. He is the son of Mary Ellen, a homemaker, and Paul Dillon, a portrait painter, sales manager, and golf coach at Fordham University. He has a sister and four brothers. Actor Matt Dillon is one of his brothers. [needs citation] His father’s mother was the sister of Alex Raymond, who made Flash Gordon, and Jim Raymond, who was also a cartoonist. He comes from an Irish American family. He went to high school in Mamaroneck.

career path career path

In the 1980s, Dillon began acting in both television and films. In the TV movie No Big Deal, which appeared in 1983, Dillon played Arnold Norbury. Ed Rooney in Heaven Help Us, directed by Michael Denner, was his first major role. In the 1986 movie Platoon, he played a psychotic soldier named Rabbit, which brought him a lot of attention. In 1988, he played Brian Flagg in a remake of the American science fiction film The Blob, which was originally made in 1958. It received mixed reviews, but its special effects were praised, and it is now a cult following. In the films War Party (1988), No Escape (1994), and The Doors (1991), in which he played drummer John Densmore, he also had some other significant roles during this time.

In the 2000s, Dillon did a lot of work on television. He played Paul DeLuca on CBS This Life and Lonnie McRae on Fox 24. He was in the remake of Poseidon Adventure called Poseidon, which came out in 2006. In April 2010, he was on the Donald J. Golf Channel. Trump’s Wonderful World of Golf. It was in 2009 in the family comedy Hotel for Dogs, which grossed $117 million at the worldwide box office.

Dillon played Johnny “Drama” Chase on the HBO comedy-drama Entourage. For this role, he was nominated for an Emmy in 2007, 2008 and 2009. He was also nominated for a Golden Globe in 2008 for his work on the show. After eight seasons, the final episode aired on September 11, 2011. Dillon played Johnny Chase again in Entourage, which was based on the show (2015). [needs citation] The project became official in 2013, and filming began in February 2014 in and around Los Angeles. Critics gave mixed reviews, and it grossed $49 million worldwide.

In 2011, Dillon played Iraq War veteran Burt Lansing on the CBS comedy How to Be a Gentleman. In 2018, he played Jimmy O’Shea in two episodes of the police procedural drama series Blue Bloods and was in the drama Dirt.

life at home

On April 21, 2006, Dillon married actress Jane Stewart in Las Vegas. Jerry Ferrara, who was on the show Entourage, was his best man, and Kevin Connolly, who was also on the show, walked Stewart down the aisle after Dillon shouted “Victory!” (A reference to his character’s work on the Viking Quest Beyond Fiction TV show.) Their first child, a girl named Ava, was born in Beverly Hills on May 17, 2006. [needs citation] Amy, born in 1991, is Dillon’s daughter from a relationship he had before. Stewart filed for divorce in July of 2016. In November 2019, the divorce was finalized, and Dillon was required to pay $1,705,594 in equivalent payments and an additional $242,411 for her stake in the mediation account.

Kevin Dillon has been nominated for Emmy, Golden Globe, and SAG Awards for his memorable work in comedy, and his latest film continues to break down genre barriers.

Bruce Willis stars with Matt Dillon in A Day to Die. Willis and Dillon will also be in the upcoming movie Wire Room.

Mel Gibson and Matt Dillon recently worked together on Hot Seat, directed by James Colin Brisack. They will work together again in the upcoming movie On The Line, which will be directed by Romuald Boulanger.

Born in Mamaronic, New York, Dillon has appeared in many memorable films, including Oliver Stone’s Platoon and The Doors, A Midnight Clear, No Escape, and the classic The Blob. He was nominated for a Young Artist Award for his moving role in Instant Family, which he played with Glenn Close, James Woods, and Mary Stuart Masterson. Kurt Russell and Richard Dreyfus were co-stars of Wolfgang Petersen’s Poseidon for Warner Brothers. Lisa Kudrow, Don Cheadle, and Emma Roberts were in the Thor Freudenthal comedy Hotel for Dogs for DreamWorks. Dillon was also one of the stars of Josh Duhamel, Dax Shepard, and Olivia Munn in the hit comedy Friends Games, which Duhamel directed. In Heaven Help Us, directed by Michael Denner, his first big part was the role of bully Ronnie.

On the hit HBO show Entourage, Dillon played the lovable Johnny Drama in a funny and poignant way. For this, he was nominated for many awards, including three Emmys, three SAG Awards and a Golden Globe. He also had recurring roles on the popular shows NYPD Blue, 24 and Blue Bloods, all of which were praised by critics.

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