Mario fans are angry at flat pancake

In 2019, we were all tweeting about Sonic’s hideous human teeth and realistic design, but we didn’t realize how good we got. Mario is going to have his own movie next year, and while his face looks very normal, if a little weird, he has a flat ass – very flat ass.

Sonic has never had this problem. He can run 767 mph and do so while avoiding robots and fighting against Eggman. He’s got a fat runner with a few extra things to show. Mario is a thick Italian plumber who spends most of his time jumping – why is he flat? This is what the Internet is asking for.

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“Fans should demand that Mario remake like they did with Sonic but only to make his butt bigger”, Lovenstein’s Monster Tweet. There’s a little green toad walking next to him in the poster and he doesn’t even stop to take a cheeky look at Mario’s ass – that’s how you know we’re in trouble.

The Gamer video today

Others are already sharing the art of Mario with a bigger butt, claiming to have fixed it, while some are asking to do more squats to fill in those dungarees. But it might make sense. “What else did people think would happen to Mario’s donkey after 3 decades of bombing the Earth?” GameXplain editor-in-chief Andrei tweeted.

“I need Mario to have a butt like Megan the Stallion,” another sang, lamenting the loss of one of the Seven Wonders of the World. Well, “loss” might be a stretch. As some point out, Mario hasn’t had lately – he’s always lacked a cake. It was flat like 2D Goomba in Odyssey and 64.

But he had more oomph that would come to him in animation and Paper Mario, so maybe we’ll see some character growth if a second movie gets the go-ahead.

No donkey, he hasn’t recently, it makes sense that he doesn’t have a donkey – there is a lot of in-depth and purposeful discussion going on here. and one comment, GGO . witch, makes a good point – “Do you think he’d be able to fit all those tubes with a false ass?” No, maybe not.

Cake is really a lie, but don’t expect the Paramount lighting to pull and free the phantom Mario pieces. He does what God has given him.

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